International Thespian Society Troupe  # 5135

We founded the Yankee Thespian Festival We hosted the 2000 Yankee Festival.
We attended 15 International Thespian Festivals and performed at 14 of them.
Our director, Dr. Len Radin,was the Massachusetts State Thespian Director - 1994 - 2005.
One of our alumni, Allison Rennell, was an International Thespian Officer. 
Our Superintendent, Mr. James E. Montepare, won the 2008 National EdTA Administrator's Award.
We won the 2011 Theatre Etiquette film award at the International Thespian Festival

The Drury Drama Team at the International Thespian Festival  
The first was Removing the Glove by Clarence Coo, a short play on the theme of homophobia. The second was by famed playwright, Stephen Gregg. It's entitled, G.L.A.M.O.R. We presented the premiere of Y-Men by Drama Student Trevor Foel. We also presented the first royalty paid performance of the full-length play, Sunday Night by Stephen Gregg.
Avoiding Chaos in Six Simple Steps                                                                               How to make Drama a better place for all of us.

Go to Class. 
Do your homework. 
Go to rehearsal. 
If you can't be at rehearsal let us (Doc, Andi or Shelby) know at least 24 hours in advance. 
Know your lines. 
Pick up after yourself and be respectful. 
Other than that, have fun keep up the good work and enjoy the experience.

   -From the Ex-Drama Team President and Stage Manager 
Andi Lescarbeau, Past president 
Hey everyone!  This is a 
cool page about our wicked 
cool drama team.  Doc worked 
very hard on it and it has 
lots of cool pictures.  As 
an officer, I encourage 
everyone to keep themselves 
updated through the use of 
this site.
    Shelby Lewis, Past President
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1994 International Festival "Doc's Girls"
Amy Remillard, Sherri Pikul
Caroline Green, Allison Rennell
"Lepers" Caroline Green, Sherri Pikul
Beckie Cairnes
Driving to The Thespian Festival in
Muncie, Indiana
Before the "Prom."
Doc Radin gets his mustache painted
green by Katie-Rose Radin
Dr. Radin - Mass State Director
"Mrs H" - NY State Director -
 Linda Hochheiser
arriving at the 
Lincoln airport
1995 International Festival
International Thespian Festival - June, 2003 - 
Same place 2003
Charlie Manuel touches main stage.
 International Thspian Festival 2001
     You have all been given the privilege to be a part of the best freaken team ever!!!!! That's right. The Drury Drama Team. (crosses arms and looks smug).  To help the team remain in its top position ("The best freaken team ever!") we must all do our parts.

1.) Come to class. (Yeah, yeah, we all have one of those teachers, beat em down!)

2.)  Treat others as you would like to be treated. (Cliché, I know, I apologize.)
3.) Do your homework!!
4.)  Participate (what's the point of class if you don't do anything?) (Math class being the one exception)
5.) HAVE FUN! and no use of the dreaded "C" word.

Katharine Kennedy
Past President of the 
Drury Drama Team
From Troupe Presidents
The Drama Team has produced the premieres of four plays, three of which are now published.

Welcome one and all to the DDT,
We are the best team around of which you will see.
We don't make touchdowns and we don't dribble balls,
But we're ready for action when the curtain calls.
We work really hard but the fun never ends,
And a helping hand someone is always willing to lend.
We go to lots of fun places, like Nebraska and Broadway,
It's quite the experience, I must say.
Theatre games, costumes, makeup, and props galore,
What else could one ask for?!
Just always believe in yourself, that is the key.
And so we welcome you Newbies into the Drury Drama Family!

It's no Emily Dickinson, but at least in rhymes! 
Haylee Jones
international festival 2004
arriving in Lincoln
International Thespian Festival, 2007.
The Drury Drama Team arriving at the International Thespian Festival in Lincoln, Nebraska - June, 2008.
Debbie Gibbs, President-Elect of the EdTA presents National Administrator's Award to James Montepare, Superintendent of North Adams Public Schoools, June 2008.
1991 - Julieanne Brazeau and Claus Sommer
1992 - Son Hui Clark and Carrie St. Jacques
1993 - Tiffany Wilson and Caroline Green
1994 - Caroline Green and Chad Therrien
1995 - Caroline Green and Marissa Carlson
1996 - Chad Therrien and Kate Bernard
1997 - Beckie Cairns and Angela Demo
1998 - Michael Grogan and Nathan Tatro
1999 - Scott Bailey and Anne Pecor
2000 - Lis Salerno and Lindsay Dickinson
2001 - Lindsay Dickinson and Shelby Lewis
2002 - Andi Lescarbeau and Brian Rennell
2003 - Molly MacGregor and Emma Lewis
2004 - Haylee Jones and Charles Manuel
2005 - Haylee Jones and Jon King
2006 - Emily May and Charles Manuel
2007 - Anna Sebastino and Chris Gutierrez
2008 - Trevor Foehl and Jamie Lee McNary
2009 - Samantha Davignon and Lindsey Keating
2010 - Urooj Javed and Carlee Huttle
2011 - Emily Eastman and Dom Wood
Best Thespian  Two Thespians are elected each year by Drama Team members.
The Drama Team Thespian Induction Ceremony and Dinner - 2013 
New Troupe Officers for our 26th Season - 2013 - 2014
President - Cameron Lapine
Vice President - Chris Wolfrum
Secretary - Lindsey Gray
Treasurer - Monica Thomas
Clerk - Kat Poirot
2009 - Arriving at the International Festival
The Team arrives in the Lincoln, Nebraska airport for the International Thespian Festival in June, 2011
The Team leaves Lincoln at the end of the week.
We arrive in Lincoln, Nebraska for the Internatonal Thespian Festival. - 2012
Thespian Festival 2013