Standing from stage right: Marissa Carlson, Lauren Forbes (not an alumna), Andrew Elder, Joshua Sprague (not an alumnus), Stacie Downey, Annie Pecor, Sam Therrien, Liz Urban (director of the Conte and Elementary Drama Teams), Tim Mangun, Brooke Mead, and Mike Grogan(assistant director of the Conte and Elementary Drama Teams). Kneeling from stage right are Cynthia Saunders, Sarah Luczynski, Melissa Quirk (past director of the Conte Drama Team), and Lauren Skiffington. Not in picture is alumnus Jon King, now a student at UMass and Jackie Degiorgis, an alumna of many Drury Drama Team plays. This was a truly moving experience for me to see so many outstanding alumni perform with such talent, energy, and professionalism.
      I'm so glad that I have been able to keep connected with so many alumni. I love you all!
Alumni of the
Drury Drama Team
Liz Urban, Mike Gorgan, Staci Downey, Marissa Carlson, Jon King, Tim Mangun, Kate Merrigan, Sarah, Simon, Tim Mangun, Scott Bailey, Andrew Elder
  Nate Tatro graduated from Drury in 1999. He was awarded the Amy and the Best Thespian Award In May 2003, he received his B.A. in Psychology from Lycoming College in Williamsport, PA. He is currently a research associate at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, investigating biobehavioral characteristics of adolescents with ADHD and eventually hopes to matriculate into a Ph.D. program in Clinical Psychology. Nate was a nominee for the American College Theater Festival's Irene Ryan acting scholarship while at Lycoming and he hopes to pursue community theater while living in Pittsburgh.

2003 - Staci Downey, Liz Urban, Jason LaForest, Peter Simon
2004 - Liz Urban, Scott Bailey, Jason Bailey, Lindsay Dickinson, Scott McNeil, Mike Grogan
2005 - Scott Bailey, Annie Pecor, Jon King, Davion Hart
Liz Urban

is a native of North Adams, and a Drury High School alumni. As a member of the Drury Drama Team, Liz achieved Honor Thespian status and won the Willie Award. A graduate of Skidmore College, Liz was involved with many theatre and dance performances and received her Bachelor’s degree in Theatre. While at Skidmore, Liz acted in and choreographed the Main Stage production of "The Misanthrope." During the spring of her senior year at Skidmore, Liz portrayed Mrs. Soames in the Home Made Theatre’s production of "Our Town" at the Spa Little Theatre at SPAC. Upon graduation, Liz was a company member during the Williamstown Theatre Festival’s 2001 season. This fall, Liz choreographed The Drury Drama Team’s production of "The Wizard of Oz." She can next be seen in an evening of one act plays with "Mixed Company" of Great Barrington. Liz serves as President of Mill City Productions. LIz is now on the Drama Team faculty.

Mike Grogan has been active in theatre arts from an early age. As a 1999 graduate of Drury High School, he was an active member of the Drury Drama Team where he won the Willie and Best Thespian Award. Mike then went on the study theatre at Berkshire Community College where he acted as President for two years. Some of Mike’s favorite roles include: Billis (South Pacific), The Mad Hatter (Alice in Wonderland), and Hysturum (A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to the Forum). Mike is a co-founder of Mill City Productions and serves as Vice President. Mike would like to thank family and friends and also MCP members for all their hard work and support. Mike is now on the Drama Team faculty.
Peter Simon as Oberon in Midsummer Night's Dream - 1995
Staci Downey

is a music teacher at Conte Middle School in N.Adams, MA.  She has studied voice for 13 years and graduated from Anna Maria College with a Bachelor of Music Education with a voice emphasis.  Staci is an Honors Thespian who has been seen in performances  at Drury High School, the Yankee Thespian Festival in New Hampshire and the National Thespian Festival in Nebraska.  She has been seen in plays including; "Oklahoma", "The Crucible", "Alice in Wonderland", "Midsummer Night’s Dream", "Grease", and "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum". She was most recently seen as Lily St. Regis in The Drury Drama Team's 2003 performance of  "Annie". Staci serves as Secretary of Mill City Productions.

Thank you for the memories - From one of your original four students.  -You helped encourage me to pursue what became my future in entertainment.  Kristen Vadnais

The site looks great!  Great info too...nice to see all the pictures and the history of the team (and troupe). Thanks so much for putting in all the extra time Doc, I don't think you could realize how appreciated it is!- J. McConnell

Ohmigawd, ohmigawd!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE the webpage. It is fab-u-lous! Fang-tang-u-lous. And quite nice! I am in "Escape from Happiness" by George Walker which is going up at the Hovey Players in Waltham, MA on Nov. 22-23 at 8pm, Nov. 29-30, 8 pm and Dec. 5-7 at 8pm. It is a dramedy and is hilarious. I think you would love it and it even might be something good to look at for the Drama Team. I play a vaguely lesbianic cop who is obsessed with lip balm and perserving the integrity of the police force. It is not a huge role but not small. I would say 'supporting' is a good adjective. Anyway, the cast is fabulous and so talented. We had our first read through last night. Did I tell you I started ( with friends) my own theater co in Lexington, MA? Its called the Biscuit Box Theater Co. and we did our first show in September. We did a few short comedies. It was fun, but stressful. And teaching is so much fun! I love it! I love introducing young minds to theater! Love it! Anyway, things are good here. What is teh play this year? And when is it so I can come? How are you? Do write back!
lemurs and llamas,  Kate Bernard

I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed looking at the pictures on the website.  The Drury Drama Team is one of my best memories from high school.Before they renovated I went up to the stage to see it one last time the way it was when we were there.  The pictures brought back all the fun times.
Thank you so much!
Hope things are well,

Avoiding Chaos in Six Simple Steps                                                                      
How to make Drama a better place for all of us.

Go to Class.
Do your homework.
Go to rehearsal.
If you can't be at rehearsal let us (Doc, Andi or Shelby) know at least 24 hours in advance.
Know your lines.
Pick up after yourself and be respectful.
Other than that, have fun keep up the good work and enjoy the experience.
from our President and Stage Manager, A.L.

  I ran into Doc at the grocery store about a month ago now with the idea that he post some of the pictures from past DDT productions.  I had no idea that it was going to be finished so quickly; thanks to Doc for all his hard work over the years and on this webpage, which looks fabulous, by the way.  It was especially fun to look through all those great and memorable pictures. The Team was an important moment in my life and I thank you you all for the memories.

Christopher Boucher
I came to the page last night, and then I had a dream I was back on the team, performing a play that had me galloping about the
stage in a cape. In between lines I would actually run backstage and read my next one from the script, because I had no idea what I was doing. It's funny how dreams can be so true to life.

Good luck with your upcoming productions, I will probably be attending the Saturday performances of each one so keep an eye out.


Doc, thank you so much for sending me an update about Drury's productions!  This is a terrific website and I can't tell you how much
looking at those pictures made me miss The Drama Team.  You always do an amazing job! I am glad you are still dedicated to
keeping theater alive at Drury.  Thank you for the memories.
   Becky Boland
   Being bored, I just typed my name into and what
do I find but a play called "Lewd Loves of a Lusty Laundress" by Jeff Goode with a protagonist named, of all things, Molly MacGregor.It's pretty funny, actually-sort of like "This is a Play" if it were written by Paul Marino. It's short and there are too many male parts for us to perform it, but you can read it at
Some sample dialogue:
Molly (trying to decide:) Shall I renounce my throne to live a life of violent seduction? Or forsake him to follow my destiny: a life of
lavish sensuousness and the intrigues of the court.
Prince: I vote the court.
Pirate: I say violent seduction.
Molly: Oh, I know! The two of you have to fight over me.

           Molly MacGregor
  It was so cool to see all of these pictures.  First of all let me say that this
site looks GREAT. I was wondering though why some of the plays only have a few pictures?  Were all the pictures lost b/c i know you take lots every year. 
Anyways, it would be cool if you made a page that had pictures from all of the international thespian festivals.  I miss you all and I will visit sometime.
And I still think we should try to have DDT reunions ;).. just something to think about heheheLove you all, Muah
Kristin Tatro

  Hi Doc:
         First, let me wish you all good luck with your production of _Oz_. I'm jealous of all of the alums who are participating in the production. If I hadn't moved here to Pittsburgh to begin my research position with U. Pitt. Medical Center I'd most certainly be helping out in some way.
        Second, encourage current members of the DDT to enjoy the lush theater experience that you're providing for them while they can. I remained active all throughout undergrad and now that it's done and I'm skipping about the "real world," I miss it terribly. I'm looking into some big-city, metropolitan-style theater here in Pittsburgh, but it all depends on my work schedule.
And third: I was reading through the syllabus for your section of Honors Theater. Holy mother of sandskirt! In particular, May 6th's homework ("Write a reasearch paper of at least five typed pages characterizing the theatrical period and how theatre was affected by the politics and social structure of the day. You should include costumes, makeup, acting style, and theatrical literature") is nearly identical to a final research paper that I wrote my Freshman year at Lycoming for my "Modern Drama" class. The play that I assessed, however, was _The Glass Menagerie_ by Tennessee Williams.
So you're preparing them well--even if they don't intend on majoring in theater (hey, I didn't).
         Ok, good luck with the show. If somehow I manage to stumble into North Adams around production time, I'll be sure to grab a seat.
   Nate Tatro   (Nate is an honor alumnus of the Drury Drama Team)
Wow! What a wonderful site. Seeing the pictures really brought back some amazing memories. My fondest memories of high school all included the theatre is some way.
Although I was only at Drury for 2 years I will never forget the shows, the fellow thespians and the DOC!

Not a day goes by where I don't use a skill I learned from the stage.  I am honored to be a part of  the Drury Drama Team’s 2003 production of  The Wizard of Oz this fall and look forward to meeting the new team members (after all, I’ve spent 5 years in snowy Ithaca ya know!!).

I only have one question/concern...What happened to the mother pheasant pluckers?
Scott McNeil 
Greetings from sunny south Florida.  This is the first time I've seen this site. All the pictures are great to see especially the ones from the wizard of oz and r&j. Sorry I missed it
but I can't wait to see your next project.  Grab um by the balls.
- Peter Simon  p.s. Go Simons

Hi Doc,

It has been awhile since I have written or spoke with you, but that doesn't mean I don't think of you and my time on the Drama Team often. My mother went to see the Wizard of Oz and said you did a wonderful job (as always)! I wish I was not so far away so I could come to the shows, but alas, the ever exciting political scene keeps me in DC.

I am currently working at Georgetown University Hosptial as Executive Assistant to the AVP of Perioperative Services. It is not exactly my dream job, but it pays well and my boss is a wonderful lady. I also am working on my Master's degree at Johns Hopkins University and should be finished with my thesis by next fall. Then onto my doctorate...

Anyway, I happened upon the Drama Team website and wanted to tell you how great it was to see old photos of the shows and my friends. Those were some of the best times I have had in my life thus far. It seems like only yesterday I was getting hit in the face by Caroline in The Skin of Our Teeth! And of course the Thespian festivals in Muncie and Nebraska are unforgettable (all five that I went to)!!

Thanks for everything Doc, I hope you know you truly make a difference in the lives of your students as I am a living testament. Take care and thanks agian for the memories.
Beckie Cairns  

Alumni Awards - This award is presented to alumni that contribute to our present plays. 
The following alumni have started a new community theatre,
Alumni - Please send in updated photos and/or comments to me I will be pleased to add you to this page.
Annie Pecor - Best Thespian, Honor Thespian
Nate, then and now.
Hi Doc!

I can't believe what has become of the Drury Drama Team!  As one of your
original four students, it's absolutely amazing to see how far the Team has
come.  I remember pulling rusty old chairs out onto the stage for class!  A
lot sure has changed.  This is a great web site.  I only wish we had some
pictures of "Juvie." (Still my favorite play...)  Just to give you an
update, I am an occupational therapist here in North Adams and my husband
and I were blessed with twins in September!  A boy (Jack) and a girl
(Ellie).  I can't wait until I get to see them up there on your stage!   I
am so impressed with everything you and all your students have accomplished
and so honored to be a founding member of this great thing you've created. 
Keep up the good work!

Suzanne (Hawke) Harnick
Annie Pecor and Nate Tatro
Caroline Green
Tiffany Wilson
Peter Simon
Mike Grogan as the Mad Hatter
Hi Doc,

Great to hear from you!! I will send you a picture of me soon, as life has been hectic these past few months. I am gettig  married in two weeks in Las Vegas to my boyfriend of 2 years. I am very excited!!!! We are getting married in a helicopter flying over Vegas at night, it should be a hoot!! I am also finishing up my last semester at Hopkins and will be graduating in December with a Masters in Government. Yippy!!!

I LOVE the alumni page! It was great to read the blurbs. It's hard to keep in contact with everyone but I am always wondering how they are doing. I will write more later and send you a picture. As always, YOU ARE THE BEST!
Beckie got married !  Read on:
Kate Bernard graduated Brandais University and  received her master's degree from Harvard.
Beckie Cairns now
Beckie Cairns
- May, 2004
Doc, I just noticed that you updated the site and I’m so glad you’ve added all of the new photos to the Alumni page! I’ve attached two photos of my own. J You always do an amazing job and somehow manage to discover new talent every year. Being part of the Drama Team was one of the most memorable, fun, and exciting moments in my life and I miss being a part of it. The friends I made in high school are still some of the best people I know.  Life in the real world is hectic, but J. and I are doing well out in Utah.  I’m teaching third grade and I can’t tell you how much I love working with children.  Next year, we plan to move back east and I hope to attend graduate school – somewhere! We can’t wait to support future DDT performances. Best of luck!
Take care,

  Hey guys, the site looks great, i love looking at the pictures. Looking back i think that i took being on the team for granted, now i miss the great experiences that i had, and the people that i got to know. I've relized that some of my fondest memories of high school were things i did with the team. Cherish the time that you have now, because looking back you'll miss it. Keep up the good work! -Ash
Ashley Samia
Marissa Carlson in The Crucible
Staci and Doc at the Little Shop of Horrors Production.
Marissa Carlson
Cathy Cooper
Chad Therrien
Caitlin McConnell
Scott Bailey, Musical Director of Little Shop of Horrors, 2005
Annie Pecor
Scott McNeil
Brian Rennell
J. McConnell
Becky Boland
Andi Lescarbeau
Kate Bernard
These photos were from an Agatha Christi play that Kate was in last year in Boston. Doc and Doc Dar surprised Kate by showing up for a performance.
Doc at a Mill City Productions performance of Charlie Brown. From Left are alumni Marissa Carlson, Tim Mangun, Doc, Staci Downey, Sarah Simon.
Hey Doc,
           I’m in Florida right now. I would be honored for you to put my email and pictures on the alumni page. I tell you Doc, I really miss the stage. I still sing here and there but not the same. As Howie Newsom, This is a Test, A Minor Incident, Our Town, and so many more, I miss the drama family.  Am so glad to see the drama team has got to where it is. since I have been in the picture of me and the young lady was me and my wife renewing our vows for the 10th yr on February 26, 2006. We did it Renaissance style. It was so nice to hear from you. Tell me how everything is going, please. You have added a lot to my life.  The taste of the audience saying, "good job Doc," saying you did real good. Like that on stage with Rabbit.

                                                     Jason Valliers

Thank you Doc. You are a great man, a great scholar, a great teacher ,and a magnificent director. Thank you for helping mold me into who I am, there was a lot of good times. I really miss the stage the endless family that is created. That is a life in its own that I really miss. So with that being said, comedy and tragedy is part of life if we look close enough we see these wonderful worlds we create on stage right here on earth just have to keep your eyes open. In closing, the world is a stage and we are all actors.
            Miss ya all and knock ‘em dead:
                                                 Jason Valliers

Kim Rose '06 with honor stole and medal
Drama Team alumni appeared in Pure Imagination, a production of Mill City Productions is a local community theatre created mostly by alumni of the Drury Drama Team. It was presented August 18 - 26, 2006 at the Masonic Temple in North Adams.
Hi Doc!

It’s GREAT  to hear from you, and that you enjoyed my new site.  You know
who designed it?  Bill Desmaris!  He says he and his father are your
patients!  Talk about a small world...  Things are going well for me.  I’m
teaching in Boston while working on my doctorate in music, and I also have a
music publisher.  I appreciate the invite to this weekend’s plays, but
unfortunately I’m not able to attend.  My father says “hello,” and you
should know that we keep ourselves informed about the Drama Team by checking the official web site.  (It looks fantastic!)  Again, I thank you for the
kind e-mail and hope you’re doing well, too!

Warmest wishes,

Matt McConnell
In Tux
as Chaplin
one more of Scott
Hi Doc!   (January, 2007)

I had a dream last night that made me think of you, so I thought that I'd send along an e-mail to see how you and the Team are doing.
In my dream, you were on tour throughout the D.C. metropolitan area, offering teacher workshops on how to implement a successful theater program
in public high schools. At the end of one of your seminars, I tried to get to the podium to talk to you. However, secret service agents dressed in
black suits with golden DDT insignias inscribed on their lapels kept pushing me back with billy clubs!

Also in the dream, I remember substitute teaching an acting class in a public high school with low-income, inner city kids. Somehow this part of
the dream was a hybrid of the movies LEAN ON ME and SISTER ACT 2, whereby I turned these kids' lives around through the love of theater! Maybe someday
someone will make such a movie, and ask for you to be the leading role...?

Anyway, things are ok down here in Virginia. I'm still chugging along toward the Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology at George Mason University and
anticipate receiving my terminal Masters this Spring after defending my thesis (title: Phonological awareness' predictive utility for low, income,
minority, second language learners' long term academic outcomes).

Also, I think that I might be auditioning for Bye Bye Birdie this weekend at a theatre in D.C. The director of this show is the same one who cast me as
the lead in Love, Sex, and the IRS--the show that I was in last Spring. I think that he's considering me for Conrad Birdie--so wish me luck!

My Spring semester begins next week. I'm teaching another undergraduate class--Developmental Psychology. I have 75 students(!) and I can't wait to
begin. I am, however, a little disappointed that I'll have to use Powerpoint to deliver my lectures simply due to the size of the auditorium in which
I'll be teaching. I find Powerpoint very impersonal and prefer to use the chalkboard and group discussion in a more didactic instructional format.
Hopefully I can find some way to make my lectures creative and engaging for the students.

Anyway, I hope that you and the Team remain well. You're all continually in my thoughts.

All the best,


Mill City Productions presented Baby and the Bath Water in March, 2007. Seven alumni of Drury Drama Team plays appeared in the Christopher Durang play.
Michelle Iacuessa
Ann Montgomery
Jason LaForest
Melisa St. Jacques
Jennifer Blackmer
Cheryl Vaughan
Nikolai Rudd
Sherry Pikul
Sarah Gillooly
Gloria Fower
Deborah S. Coyne
Ernie Shepard
Tiffany Wilson
Amy Remillard
Matt Magan
Ashley Wilcox
Carrie St. Jacques
Son Hui Clark
Sean Hogan
Julie Nicole Bacher
Jason Allen Valliers
Evan J. Milewski
Mary Elizabeth Sawyer
Kristen N. Vadnais
Jullieanne Brazeau
Claus Sommer
Caroline Green
Chad Therrien
Timothy D. Mangun
Rebecca Cairns

Marissa Carlson
Jason Bailey
Sherri Elizabeth White
Julie Rickett
Nathan Tatro
Scott Bailey
J. McConnell
Missi Saint Pierre
Sarah Luczynski
Matt McConnell
Angela Demo
Scott McNeil
Kate Merrigan
Cynthia Saunders
Peter Simon
Elizabeth Urban
Kate Bernard
Chris Boucher
Sara Marie Gregory
Lis Salerno
Mike Grogan
Caitlin Porter
Vanessa Van Soest
Staci Downey
Cathy Cooper
Heather Porter
Brian Rennell
Amelia Wood
April Pitroff
Linsay Dickinson

Staci Clark
Andi Lescareau
Amber LaGiess
Shelly Lewis
Molly MacGregor
Marissa Parker
Heather Phillips
Katie Randall
Ashley Samia
Sarah Simon
Jenna Melanson
Lita Williams
Caitlin McConnell
Sam Therrien
Mollie Simon
Haylee Jones
Kristin Tatro
Lauren Skiffington
Heidi Shartrand
Johathan King
Chris Gutierrez
Tom Morrill
Charles Manuel
Lara Pagan
Kimberly Rose
Jamie Lee McNary
Trevor Foehl
Lauren Marceau
Tiffany Fleming
Annie Pecor
Emily May
Edward Horsfall

Following are alumni in chronological order. This is not a complete list. If you know of corrections or additions, please
email me
For listing of alumni that have received Thespian awards, see our awards page.
Doc and Darlene see Kate in a play near Boston
Drama Team alumni were featured in Macbeth performed by Yorick, the Shakespeare group at MCLA. The title role was performed by Team alumni Jesse Poirier. Stage manager was alumni Charlie Manuel. The performance was very well received.
Alex is the son of alumna Allison Rennell Bergeron

Nathan Tatro January 18 at 9:46am Report
Hi Doc! I thought that you'd like to see the bio that I've just submitted for Spelling Bee:

Nathan Tatro (William Barfée) is delighted to be a part of RCP's production of Spelling Bee and to have the opportunity to work with such fantastic singer-spellers. Local credits include: Company (David; LTA), The Foreigner (Ellard Simms; LTA), Parade, (Britt Craig; SMP), Bye, Bye, Birdie (Albert Peterson; SMP), Godspell (Jeffrey; Zoon Vader Productions), and Love, Sex, and the IRS (Jon Trachtman; LTA). Nate has studied performance under Dr. Len Radin (Williamstown, MA) and David Murray Jaffe (NY, NY). He'd like to thank all of the friends that he's made while performing in the area for their continued support.


Hope you and the Team are well!!

Received on January 18. 2010
Nate Tatro