Educational Theatre Association Hall of Fame - 2000       Governor's Points of Light Award - 2006
The Crucible by Arthur Miller
November 21 - 23, 1996
Doc directing "theatre on the edge."
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Chris Boucher and Jason Bailey
"come down light as a bird"
Angela Demo as Mrs. Ann Putnam
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Liz Urban,
student choreographer
the Proctors:
Kate Bernard and Scott McNeil
Peter Simon,
as Lt. Gov. Danforth
court scene
Poster by Leon Peters
Mass. College of Liberal Arts
Kate Bernard and Peter Simon
as Mrs. Putnam and Danforth
The men of Salem
"John - Tell me, are we lost?
Jason Bailey as Giles Corey
Arthur Miller
Arthur Miller 1915 - 2005
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This film was the winner of the International Thespian Festival 2011 film competition on theatre etiquette.