Dr. Len Radin
Retired from the Drama Team in 2013

Dr. Len Radin was the founder and director of the Drury Drama Team. He holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Massachusetts and a doctorate from Tufts University. He was Director of the Massachusetts Educational Theatre Association for 11 years. Dr. Radin was inducted into the Educational Theatre Association Hall of Fame in Aug, 2000 in Washington, DC and the Northeast EdTA Hall of Fame in Dec, 2008. Doc was presented the Sir Clark Theatre Teacher of the Year by New England theatre teachers and was awarded the Points of Lights Award by the Governor of Massachusetts. He was founder of the Yankee Thespian Festival and has directed the All-New England cast three times. Doc has acted and directed in educational, community and professional theatres for over fifty years. 

Hall of Fame induction - August, 2000
The following article was in the North Adams Transcript of September 19, 2003

Lives in:  Williamstown
Birth Date: 1947
Birth Place:  New York, NY
Occupation: theatre teacher
How would you describe yourself? I gave this question to my daughter. Her response: "My father has always thought that education is important. He was a 'present'  father, always active in our lives. One day in high school, for example, when I was taking an exam on the political events of the 60's, he dressed in a hippy outfit, and bounced around the living room describing all of this political stuff. I don't remember how well I did on the test, but I did learn that my dad can come up with really strange costumes at the drop of a hat."   

My other twin daughter responded as follows: "When children run into my father's office and fight over who gets to sit in the dental chair first, and hundreds of students call him "Doc", because he needs no other introduction, I can forgive him for certain instances in my childhood, an example being the fake scars and horns he gave me when practicing stage make-up, or the time he brought me to Spring Street dressed as the Cat in the Hat after a play."

Current volunteerism, board memberships:
Founder and director for 15 years, The Drury Drama Team. The Team is the academic, private, department of theatre at Drury HS (We will produce the Wizard of Oz on November 21, 22 and 23), Director of the Massachusetts Educational Theatre Association, an affiliate of the national EdTA, the largest organization of theatre teachers, Board member of Congregation Beth Israel, Founder and Board member of the Yankee Thespian Festival.

Married for 30 years to Dr. Darlene Radin,  published poet and office manager; daughters Chaya Radin,  teacher of English as a Second Language; Michelle Radin, teacher of deaf 1st grade at the American School for the Deaf; Katie-Rose Radin – sophomore at Commonwealth College/UMass.

UMass, undergraduate; Tufts University,  doctorate; Spring Street Elementary school in Atlanta, GA.(least we forget where we came from.)

Who’s your personal hero? Garrison Kielor, Dunesbury, my wife.

Why? They’re cute, smart, and very caring. (My wife’s cuter than Garrison.)

What personal achievements are you most proud? Raising a generation of patients who are not afraid of the dentist, bringing educational theatre to Drury, and raising three wonderful daughters.  I can also make an egg roll to die for.

What’s your personal quote/trademark expression?  “Have fun. Learn things. Ask good questions.” This was said daily as my daughters went off to school.

What’s the best advice you can give someone? Focus on the core. The shell will take care of itself.

What’s the most recent book read and author? My daughter wrote a series of e-mail that I bound. The book deals with her getting though graduate school in New York, living in New York through the 9/11 incidents, and finally “making it in New York.” I admire her ability to retain her humor under tremendous stress.

What’s your favorite show?  Any show that one of my students or alumni are in. I know how far they have come to get there and what educational theatre has given them. 

Pet Peeve? This government insists on making huge cuts to health and education. I also hate raisins in chocolate chip cookies. 

Hobbies?  Running, entomology, and maintaining the following web site:  www.drurydrama.com

In September of 2003, Doc was named one of 
"the 33 most influential people in the Northern Berkshires" by 
The North Adams Transcript newspaper. 
Below is the photo and article.

By Keith Bona - 2003
Photo - Gillian Jones - Transcript
Dr. Leonard Radin
Introducting a cast of hundreds to theatre

Dr. Leonard Radin, Dr. Darlene Radin
photo with Governor Romney
Governor Mitt Romney presented Dr. Len Radin the Points of Lights Award in a ceremony at the State Capitol building on May 3rd. The Massachusetts governor read the following statement from the award certificate: 

 “For over twenty years, you have been an active force in inspiring the lives of our youth. Your infectious love of theater has given Drury High School students the opportunity to experience the joys of the arts, through the drama presentations you direct and produce. Your commitment to your community is to be commended, and your humble generosity, drive and selflessness make you an outstanding volunteer.”

The certificate was signed by Governor Romney and Lieutenant Governor Kerry Healey. The Governor also presented Dr. Radin, Director of the Drury Drama Team, with a copper lantern signifying a “Point of Light.”

Each year, the Board of Trustees selects an educator for the Hall of Fame Award. Dr. Radin was the 2000 selection.
Doc says in no way does this reflect his political leanings!
Mascot drawings ©2007 by Howard Cruse; used by permission of the artist.
2008 Northeast Educational Theatre Association Hall of Fame Award.
From page 1 of the North Adams Transcipt Dec. 16, 2008
story by Jennifer Huberdeau
photo by Gillian Jones

Now in its 21st season, the Drury drama department began on a whim, when Radin, a local dentist, approached then Principal Roger Cirone about directing a one-time-only, one-act play at the high school. 
"The play was about drug abuse," Radin said. "At first, the English department said no to my idea. I think they thought the play was too didactic. I then asked Debbie Coyne, 'What if I did another play?' The answer was yes, but I was told not to be disappointed if the students didn't show any interest." 
He said interest in the play "exploded" and after the second year asked if he could teach a course, which turned out to be "extremely popular" among the student body. Soon, Radin was forming his own department at the high school. 
"I have to give Roger Cirone a lot of credit," he said. "He was innovative and I really feel that if it was any other principal at that time, I wouldn't have been invited in." Radin remained at the high school for 20 years -- volunteering countless hours both in the classroom and in the theater. But two years ago, he questioned if the drama team would survive if he retired. 
"I was spending so much time volunteering that it began costing me," Radin said. "I considered retiring, which wasn't an easy decision. I was sad because there wouldn't be anyone to take over the program." 
But instead of accepting Radin's resignation, Montepare offered Radin a nominal salary and the chance to develop and helm a districtwide drama program open to all 12 grades. It was an offer Radin couldn't refuse. 
"Over the years I've developed a sense that not only is the program tremendously viable, but that it has kept a lot of kids in school," he said. "I've seen kids who are barely scraping by academically go through the theater program and begin to succeed. Theater becomes their way to connect with school." 
He said theater also crosses social divides -- attracting students from every social group and bringing them together. 
For more information about the Drury Drama Team or the districtwide theater program, visit www.drurydrama.com

Jennifer Huberdeau - North Adams Transcipt - Dec. 16, 2008
Tuesday, December 16
NORTH ADAMS -- The districtwide drama program at the North Adams Public Schools is having a banner year. 
The program received its third honor this year when longtime director and district coordinator Len Radin was the first inductee into the Northeast Educational Theatre Association's newly established Hall of Fame. 
"This year has just been phenomenal," Radin said. "We've had an administrator, a student and now a teacher recognized by national and international organizations." 
Radin, a local dentist who volunteered as the Drury Drama Team's director and drama teacher for 20 years before being appointed to the paid position of the newly instated districtwide program, was honored for founding the Yankee Thespian Festival, which was the only student festival in the Northeast for about 11 years. 
"At the time, 15 years ago, the local and state chapters of the national organization weren't very active," he said. "I started the Yankee Festival, which was extremely popular. One year, the Drury Drama Team hosted it at Mass MoCA." 
He also served as the director of the Massachusetts Educational Theater Association for 11 years. 
"I'm so thrilled by the award," Radin said. "North Adams has been recognized in so many ways this year for its theater and arts program. Mr. Montepare has always been very serious of making sure we have a top-notch performing arts department, which also includes the band and chorus." 
In June, Superintendent James E. Montepare was given the 2008 National Administrator Award from the International Thespian Theater Festival, an international organization of theater teachers. He is the first superintendent in the country to be recognized by the organization. 
Anna Sebastino, a student member of the theater troupe, was also recognized in June when she was chosen during the festival to represent the entire Northeast as a thespian officer. 
Drury drama has hall of famer
Dr. Len Radin - Photo editing gift of Andy Leddy of Viet Nam.
This image is part of a five-page article that appeared in the Tufts Dental Magazine. .

Educational Theatre Association Hall of Fame - 2000
Dr. Len Radin by Steven Vote