Awards presented to 
Drury Drama Team Members
1995 - Allison Rennell, 
          Caroline Green and Sherry Pikul
1996 - Chad Therrien
1997 - Kate Bernard
1998 - Missi St. Pierre
1999 - Nate Tatro
2000 - Lis Salerno
2001 - Kristin Tatro
2002 - Brian Rennell
2003 - Andi Lescarbeau
2004 - Sarah Simon
2005 - Haylee Jones
2006 - Charles Manuel
2007 - Lauren Skiffington
2008 - Christopher Gutierrez
2009 - Trevor Foehl
2010 - Samantha Davignon
2011 - Connor Johnson
2012 - Luke Sisto
2013 - Carlee Huttle
2014 - Anna Arabia (posthumously)
2015 - Cameron Lapine
2016 - Nick Burchard
 1993  Northern Berkshire Coalition for Health and Human Services Peer Recognition Award
 1995  Berkshire Jaycees  Volunteer Award 
 1999  Certificate of Appreciation from the North Adams School Committee
 1996  Berkshire College Club  Education Award
 1996  Educational Theatre Association  Earl W. Blank Award
 1996  EdTA  one of four finalists in the country for the Innovative Theatre Award.
 1997  EdTA  theatre journalism award
 1992  2002  selected for performance on the national level  International Thespian Society
 1998  Sir Mort Clark Theatre Teacher of the Year Award to Dr. Len Radin 
 1999 -"Local Hero" Transcript to Doc
 2000  Educational Theatre Association inducts Dr. Radin into the EdTA Hall of Fame in Washington DC
 2003 Doc listed as one of "the 33 most influential people in the Northern Berkshire."
 2004 Community Coalition Neighborlies Award
 2004 North Adams School System Volunteer of the Year
 2005 Plaque presented for "outstanding service to educational theatre'
        on retirement from office as Massachusetts chapter director after 12 years.
 2005 Volunteer of the week - Berkshire Eagle
 2006 - Governor's Point of Light Award - presented by Gov. Mitt Romney
 2007 -North Adams School System Volunteer of the Year Award presented to 
           Tiger and Ron Waterman for many years of Drama Team set construction
2008 - Anna Sebastino is elected as International Thespian Officer. 
 2008 - James E. Montepare, NAPS Superintendent - EdTA National Adminsitrator's Award
 2008 - Northeast Educational Theatre Association Hall of Fame - Dr. Len Radin 
2011 - International Thespian Festival film award for theatre etiquette

1991 - Julieanne Brazeau and Claus Sommer
1992 - Son Hui Clark and Carrie St. Jacques
1993 - Tiffany Wilson and Caroline Green
1994 - Caroline Green and Chad Therrien
1995 - Caroline Green and Marissa Carlson
1996 - Chad Therrien and Kate Bernard
1997 - Beckie Cairns and Angela Demo
1998 - Michael Grogan and Nathan Tatro
1999 - Scott Bailey and Anne Pecor
2000 - Lis Salerno and Lindsay Dickinson
2001 - Lindsay Dickinson and Shelby Lewis
2002 - Andi Lescarbeau and Brian Rennell
2003 - Molly MacGregor and Emma Lewis
2004 - Haylee Jones and Charles Manuel
2005 - Haylee Jones and Jon King
2006 - Emily May and Charles Manuel
2007 - Anna Sebastino and Chris Gutierrez
2008 - Trevor Foehl and Jamie Lee McNary
2009 - Lindsey Keating and Sam Davignon
2010 - Urooj Javed and Carlee Huttle
2011 - Emily Eastman and Dom Wood
2012 - Emma Gregory and Lindsey Gray
2013 - Lindsey Gray, Becky Durant
1989 - Michelle Iacuessa, Ann Montgomery
1990 - Evan Milewski, Eablin Flynn
1991 - Carrie St. Jacques, Son Hui Clark
1992 - Kristin Vadnais, Suzanne Hawke
1993 - Tiffany Wilson, Jason LaForest
1994 - Amy Remillard, Chad Therrien
1995 - Sherry Pikul, Caroline Green
1996 - Liz Urban, Tim Mangun, Peter Simon,Angie Tower
1997 - Marissa Carlson, Scott McNeil
1998 - Staci Downey, Sara Luczynksi
1999 - Chris Boucher, Mike Grogan, Matt McConnell, J McConnell
2000 - Kristin Tatro, Cathy Cooper
2001   Lindsay Dickinson, Caitlin McConnell
2002 - Sarah Simon, Ashley Samia
2003 - Danielle Oakes
2004 - Lauren Skiffington, Sam Therrien
2005 - Haylee Jones, Mollie Simon
2006 - Kimberly Rose, Charles Manuel
2007 - Tom Morrill, Tiffany Fleming
2008 - Cody Johnson, Trevor Foehl
2009 - Jamie Lee McNary, David Carrier, Samantha Davignon
2010 - Maggie Dente, Keegan Christopher
2011 - Luke Sisto, Lindsey Keating
2012 - Bobby Scanlon, Carlee Huttle
2013 - Emma Gregory, Emily Eastman
2014 - Becky Durant, Emma Arabia, Matt Gardzina
2015 - Lindsey Gray
2016 - Nick Burchard, Alyssa Richardson
The Amy  This award for acting is named in honor of Amy Remillard, Drama Team class of 1995
The Willie - presented by the Williamstown Community Theatre  
Best Thespian  Two Thespians are elected each year by Drama Team members.
Awards presented to Dr. Len Radin "Doc" and  the Drama Team. 
Amy Remillard played Glenda in Wizard of Oz
Amy as Glinda, the good witch in Oz
Ron and Tiger Waterman
Technical Theatre Award
2003 - Andi Lescarbeau - Stage Manager
2004 - Cassandra Barlow - Assistant Director
2005 - Kimberly Rose - photography
2006 - Lauren Skiffington - properties
2007 - Anna Sebastino - Stage Manager
2008 - Jamie Lee McNary - Costumes
2009 - Lindsey Keating - Assistant Director and Connor Johnson - Set 
2010 - Emma Arabia - Stage Manager
2011 - Becky Durant - Bearer of the Bear
2012 - Michaella Vecchiarelli - Lighting Technician
2013 - Becky Durant - Stage Manager,  Christa Sprague - Choreography
Drama Team Alumni Award
2003 - Staci Downey, Liz Urban, Jason LaForest, Peter Simon
2004 - Liz Urban, Scott Bailey, Jason Bailey, Lindsay Dickinson, Scott McNeil, Mike Grogan
2005 - Mill City Productions, Liz Urban President, Annie Pecor
2006 - Annie Pecor, Scott Bailey, Jon King, Davion Hart
2007 - Annie Pecor, Charles Manuel, Matt McConnell
2008 - Lauren Skiffington, Annie Pecor, Liz Urban, Charles Manuel
2009 - Lauren Skiffington, Trevor Flagg, Annie Yenelovich, Jesse Poirier, Matt McConnell
2010 - Annie Yenelovich, Lauren Skiffington, Trevor Flagg, Jesse Poirier
2011 - Annie Yenelovich, Lauren Skiffington, Trevor Flagg, Jesse Poirier
Go to policy page to learn about criteria of all awards.
Dr. Radin is inducted into the Hall of Fame in Washington DC
2005 - Haylee Jones
2006 - Kimberly Rose and Emily May
2007 - Lauren Skiffington and Tom Morrill
2008 - Christopher Gutierrez and Cody Johnson
2009 - Trevor Foehl, Jamie Lee McNary, Stephen Gaffey
2010 - Maggie Dente, Keegan Christopher, Samantha Davignon
2011 - Dominic Wood   
2012 - Luke Sisto, Robert Scanlon
2013 - Carlee Huttle, Emma Gregory, Emily Eastman
2014 - Becky Durant, Matt Garzina, Emma Arabia

Thespian Honor Stole

Washington, DC
Educational Theatre Association
                 Hall of Fame
                 August 2000
Boston, Massachusetts
Points of Light Award
May, 2006
Governor Mitt Romney presented Dr. Len Radin the Points of Lights Award in a ceremony at the State Capitol building on May 3, 2006. The Massachusetts governor read the following statement from the award certificate: 

 “For over twenty years, you have been an active force in inspiring the lives of our youth. Your infectious love of theater has given Drury High School students the opportunity to experience the joys of the arts, through the drama presentations you direct and produce. Your commitment to your community is to be commended, and your humble generosity, drive and selflessness make you an outstanding volunteer.”

The certificate was signed by Governor Romney and Lieutenant Governor Kerry Healey. The Governor also presented Dr. Radin, Director of the Drury Drama Team, with a copper lantern signifying a “Point of Light.”

Each year, the Board of Trustees selects an educator for the Hall of Fame Award. Dr. Radin was the 2000 selection.
Kim Rose with Thespian honor stole and honor bar medal
2007 - Anna Sebastino
2008 - Anna Sebastino
2009 - Luke Sisto
2010 - Dominic Wood
2011 - Dominic Wood
2012 - Luke Sisto
2013 - Carlee Huttle
Mascot drawings ©2007 by Howard Cruse; used by permission of the artist
Class of 1961 Rising Star Award
Tiger Waterman
Ron Waterman
Scholarship from Ron and Tiger 

2008 - Christopher Gutierrez
2009 - Trevor Foehl
2010 - Trevor Foehl and Christopher Gutierrez
2011 - Connor Johnson
2012 - Trevor Foehl
2013 - For the trip to the International Festival
2014 - Nick Burchard
2015 - Christa Sprague
2016 - Nick Burchard
School's theater work gets national acclaim
By Jennifer Huberdeau, North Adams Transcript
Page 1   Thursday, May 1, 2008

Thursday, May 1
NORTH ADAMS -- The district-wide theater program that debuted in the North Adams Public Schools this past September is already garnering national attention. Superintendent James E. Montepare will receive a national award in educational administration from the Educational Theatre Association, an international organization of theater teachers, in June during the Intentional Thespian Festival at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln. 

"I'm very honored and humbled by the award, but it's not about me," Montepare said Tuesday afternoon. "The theater program is really a collaborative effort of the school committee, the mayor, and the teaching staff. It's all about creating options for our students. We realize that one size doesn't fit all. We're very cognizant of that here." 

For the last 20 years, the district's drama program had existed solely at Drury High School, under the auspices of the Drury Drama Team and courses taught by Len Radin. Radin, a local dentist who had volunteered his time over the years, was hired as the district's drama coordinator last June, when the program was expanded to include students at the elementary and middle schools. 

Radin, who has served as the Massachusetts Chapter Thespian Director for EdTA for the last 11 years, nominated Montepare for the prestigious Educational Theatre Association National Administrators Award. 
"I've been waiting for a response for almost 11 months," Radin said of the nomination. "I had been telling other state directors about what we were doing. They were impressed with my story of how a relatively small town, with limited resources, put a theater department in place." 

He added, "I wrote up our story as part of the nomination. This is a big award, where some of the schools involved have 12 full-time teachers working in their theater departments and have full orchestras to accompany their musicals." 

Mayor John Barrett III said the award recognizes Montepare's leadership and the uniqueness of the theater program. 
"He's certainly been at the forefront of this program, which has moved forward under his leadership," Barrett said. "It's such an important component of our curriculum to offer as many types of programming as we can, because the more kids we reach, the more of an impact we have. A lot of kids are saved by our theater and music programs -- sometimes people think it's only sports programming that can do that." 

The theater program produced "The Wizard of Oz" last fall, involving over 150 students from the district in every aspect of the musical's production from acting to building the set. The middle school program recently presented an abridged production of "A Midsummer Night's Dream" at the Main Street Stage and the elementary program is expected to host it's inaugural production of four mini-plays adapted from "Grimm's Fairy Tales" on May 30. 

Many alumni of the Drury Drama Team have either gone on to work professionally in theater or have founded and work with community theater groups, Radin said. Locally, Mill City Productions, which recently took over a space at Western Gateway Heritage State Park, was founded by the program's alumni. 

Radin said he is excited that Montepare was selected to receive the award. "I've been really happy to work under Jim for the last 20 years," he said. "He not only understands the importance of the arts, but he's really a nice person who is loved and respected by the students. You can see that he really cares about the students. He's had tremendous vision to set up a program like this." 

Montepare is expected to receive the award this June, traveling to Lincoln with seven members of the Drury Drama Team who will participate in the Thespian Festival for the 15th consecutive year. The drama team is a member of the EdTA, which is the parent organization of Thespians -- the honor society of theater students. 

"We're all very excited," Montepare said. "This award is evidence that we have a pretty unique program here." 

Debbie Gibbs, President-Elect of the EdTA presents National Administrator's Award to James E. Montepare, Superintendent of North Adams Public Schoools, June 2008.
Madelon Horvath (left) and Marie Glotzbach of the Northeast EdTA Board, congratulate Dr. Len Radin on the Dec 6, 2008 Hall of Fame ceremony held in The Palace Theatre of Waterbuy, Connecticut.
Trevor Foehl with Thespian honors 
Jamie Lee McNary -class of 2009
This does not indicate Doc's 
political leanings.
The Amy Award is 18k gold.
Keegan Christopher wearing the Thespian honor stole at the 2010 graduation
Samantha Davignon - 2010
Mike Grogan Award for theatre 
This "Mikey" is presented to a pre-high school student
2011 - Cameron Lapine
2012 - Nick Burchard
2013 - Christopher Wolfrum
This production is sponsored in part by the Northern Berkshire Cultural Council and the Hardman and Gateway grants of the Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation.
This is our film that won the International Thespian Festival theatre etiquette film award in 2011.
Doc and Bobby Scanlon - 2012 graduation
Chris Wolfrum gives an award to the Watermans
These awards are privately sponsored. They are not presented by the department of performing arts at Drury High School.