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Technical Theatre Jobs

Keep this contract and your tech job sheet in a place where you will be sure to see it occasionally. 

A Contract

Drama Team plays are a team effort. The Drama Team has attained a national reputation for excellence only because every member of the Team did his or her best. Remember that everyone on the Team is counting on you to carry out your technical job and dramatic role with creativity and enthusiasm. Your job will be done only if you do it. 
I promise to do everything that I possibly can do to attend all rehearsals. I promise to seek out ways to do my tech job as completely and creatively as I possibly can. I understand that a gradeof B in both my tech grade and drama grade is necessary to maintain my membership in the Team. I also understand that a grade of at least 80 is necessary to earn Thespian points and the privilege of going to Thespian regional and international festivals. I understand that to earn a passing grade on my technical job I must to the following: 

1.  Come to all assigned rehearsals on time with my part memorized and stay to the end of the rehearsals and Monday class. My parents and I understand that the class ends at 3:25 on Monday, not at 2:30. In other words, school ends for me at 3:25 on Mondays. If I leave early, I am leaving before the end of school. I realize that rehearsals are part of the academic course. Failure to be present for rehearsals may result in failure in Theatre Arts. Non-academic activities are not an excuse for absence.  The parts assigned in June must be memorized by September 1. Minor parts assigned in September must be memorized by Friday, September 18. Major parts assigned in September must be memorized by October 1.
2.  Attempt to solve all problems as maturely as possible and refrain from excessive complaining or negative attitudes. 
3.  Understand that I am working on a Team and will help my teammates to the best of my ability. Once I accept a job or dramatic role I will carry it through to completion. Not doing this hurts all on the team. 
4.  Ask others how I may help. 
5.  Give written reports on progress of my tech job to Doc on dates stipulated in my tech job directions. 
6.  Raise a minimum of $100 by selling VIP tickets and ads. 
7.  Complete my tech job by the deadline. 
8.  Take care of my own costume and props. After each performance, place props and costume in their proper place. 
9.  Do not wait until there are only a few weeks left to solve problems. By then it may be too late and people may be too busy at the last minute to help. 



We, the parents of __________________, have had the opportunity to read the policies, have seen the schedule for this play, and know the content of this play. We understand that Theatre at Drury is an academic subject and full attendance is mandatory. We understand that missing rehearsals or performances or not carrying out tech jobs fully may result in being dropped from the Team and earning a failure in the academic subject of theatre. We understand that once an actor accepts a part, it is their responsibility to carry it through to completion. We promise to help our son/daughter attend all rehearsals and performances. We will allow our child to complete his/her obligation to the Team for any play they are committed to.



Mascot drawings ©2008 by Howard Cruse; used by permission of the artist.
Mascot drawings ©2008 by Howard Cruse; used by permission of the artist.
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