It's your job to make sure that the cast and crew have food for late rehearsals. It is NOT your job to make all the food yourself or to bring all the food in. You may assign each day that we need food to different students but you are responsible for food.

1.Food must be healthy. I do not want just cookies or chips and soda.
2.It does not have to be an elaborate affair. A salad, or pizza or some other similar food would be just fine.
3.All food must be eaten in the Drama Room. It is up to you to see that it is cleaned up afterward. You can enlist other people to help you clean but you are responsible.

On Monday, September 20 submit a list of who is assigned what rehearsals to the assistant director.
On November 1 submit a list of who was conscientious in supplying food and who was not.

In order to get a passing grade, all rehearsals except one that extend to 6:00 must have appropriate food available to cast and crew.

Ann Davignon, Drama Momma helped a lot in making and supplying food for the Drama Team.