The biographies should be interesting.  They should be from one sentence to one paragraph in length.  Be sure to write a biography for every Drama Team member plus all adults that have a part in the play.  Do not include any "in jokes" that our audience will not understand.  Some of the items you may mention include past plays, how the individual feels being part of the Team, what Thespian Festivals they attended and interesting personal facts.  Make each biography different.  In past programs, the biographer said that every senior will be "sorely missed next year."  This was true but makes for monotonous reading.

   On September 20, show a copy of at least half of the biographies to the Assistant Director.  Send me a copy by e-mail. On October 3 or before, the rest of the biographies are due.  In order to receive a passing grade, the biographies have to be done according to the schedule above.  The biographies should be sent to me by e-mail so that I can insert them directly into the program.
You do not have to write a November 1 tech report.

Don't try to write all the biographies at one time.  When you get a good idea about someone, just write it down.  Good ideas are usually spontaneous.

You do not have to write all of the biographies yourself, You are just responsible for getting the job done.

In order to get a passing grade, you have to finish all bios by the deadline. In order to receive at least a B, they should be interesting, creative and worthy of the Drama Team.
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