According to legend, Johannes Faustus, a German astrologer in the early 1500s, sold his soul to the Devil in exchange for knowledge. Christopher Marlowe, a contemporary of Shakespeare, wrote The History of the Damnable Life, and Deserved Death of Doctor John Faustus in 1592. Johann Goethe first published his version of Faust in 1808. Damn Yankees was a musical produced on Broadway in 1955. The plot concerned a fan of the Washington Senators baseball team who sold his soul to the devil in order to help the Senators win against the New York Yankees.
Little Shop was first presented as a black and white film in 1960. It was a low-budget production filmed in only a few days on a small rental set that was scheduled to be demolished. It became a cult classic at a time when low-budget science fiction was all the rage. Jack Nicholson played a masochistic dental patient in the film. In 1982 it was produced as a major musical and played for 2,209 performances on Broadway. In 1986 the movie version was produced starring Rich Moranis, Steve Martin and Ellen Greene. It was directed by Frank Oz.
The Drury Drama Team invites you to join us on Skid Row where the Faust legend continues in the “most unlikely of places.”
- Doc
The Faust Legend Goes Science Fiction
Program booklet from the Drury Drama Team production of Little Shop of Horrors

November 10, 11, 18, and 19
Drury High School
North Adams, Massachusetts
A Happy Journey

The Drama Team has been a happy 18 year voyage that has grown in scope beyond my wildest expectations. What started out as a casual extracurricular activity has grown and morphed into a full academic department receiving national and regional awards from such diverse sources as the Educational Theatre Association and Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney.
I have not journeyed alone. The success of the Team has been made possible by hundreds of talented students, alumni, and local professionals. This year has been a particularly satisfying season. The group dynamics on the Team have never been better. Drama Team alumni and now professional educators Annie Pecor and Scott Bailey have demonstrated the positive results of arts in the public schools. They have returned to the Drama Team as Associate Producer and Musical Director. Drury art teacher Phoebe Pepper has integrated our production into the Drury art department. Local artists Tiger and Ron Waterman have impressed all with their outstanding Audrey II creations. Bill Beattie, Barbara May, Tamra Hjermstad Jon King, Davion Hart and other adults have all added their ample artistic talents to our romp on Skid Row. Of course, my constant source of inspiration and love is always there – my talented wife, Dr. Darlene Radin.
A reporter recently asked me how I can keep my interest fresh after all these years.  How can I not?

Musical Director
Associate Producer       
Stage Manager      
Set Design      
Painting set                     
Stage Safety                  
Production Associate    
Lighting Engineer           
spot operators
set construction
Costume master      
House safety
Prop Master  
  Asst. prop            
Social Director  
Drama Room
Sound Engineer           
Web Master  

Staff and Crew
Kimberly Rose
Emily May
Samantha Therrien 
Tom Morril
Lauren Skiffington 
Chris Gutierrez
Cody Johnson
Lauren Marceau
Charlie Manuel 
Heidi Shartrand
Heidi Shartrand
Charlie Manuel 
Lauren Marceau
Ed Horsfall
Trevor Foehl
Anna Arabia
Emma Arabia
Samantha Andrews

Scott Bailey 
Mike Blair
Brad Andrews
Ethan Tatro
Mike LaRocca

Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney has announced that Doc and the Drury Drama Team will be awarded the Points of Light Award. Dr Radin and representatives of the Drama Team and alumni will attend the presentation ceremony on November 14th.
Kimberly Rose  Kimberly is a senior at Drury. The productions she has been in so far include The Life, This is a Test, The Wizard of Oz, Jennifer Grey Has Disappeared, Living with Lady Macbeth, Hard Candy and Our Town. Kimberly enjoys composing music on her guitar and playing percussion instruments. Kimberly loves singing, dancing, painting, poetry and ice cubes. “The members of the Drama Team are so much fun to work with.”  Kimberly says that this is her favorite part that she played by far. Last year Kimberly won the Drama Team Technical Award with her outstanding photography. Her photos may be seen  on this web site.
Trevor Foehl - Trevor studied theatre with the Starlight Stage company and the Little Red School House. This is his first year at Drury.  He’s one of the puppeteers operating the Watermans’ newest creation. He also plays the scientist in Little Shop.  Trevor appeared in MCLA’s Skin of Our Teeth. We are very happy that Trevor is now on the Team.
Lauren Marceau—This is Lauren’s first year at Drury but her second play with the Drama Team. She appeared in The Wizard of Oz as a seventh grader. She is also in the Drury Band, newspaper and the 1st Baptist Church Youth Group. Lauren has appeared with Mill City Productions, a community theatre formed primarily by Drama Team alumni.
Tom Morril - In his second year on the Team, Tom plays meek little Seymour. In Our Town, Tom played Mr. Webb, the editor. Outside drama, he plays trombone and writes comics for the Drury newspaper. He is the Drama Team treasurer.
Heidi Shartrand - Heidi started last year off with a bang taking on the role of Mrs. Webb in Our Town. She is a soprano in the Drury Chorus, the Drama Team Clerk and a member of the 1st Baptist Church youth group.
Charles Manuel  - Charlie is President of the Drama Team.  He played Joe in the Team's production of The Largest Elizabeth in the World.  In Annie, Charlie played the roles of a butler, and a citizen of Hooverville.  He was George in Our Town and the Scarecrow in Oz. Charlie has traveled with the team to Lincoln Nebraska for the International Thespian Festival, and Rutland, Vermont for the Yankee Thespian Festival. Charlie was voted “Best Thespian” by the Team.  He is an Honor Thespian and is taking the Honors Theatre course at Drury. In this play he plays the macho dentist and the estrogen charged Mrs. Luce. Boy, is he versatile!
Lauren Skiffington Two years ago Lauren was one of the very few freshmen ever to win the coveted “Willie,” an award presented by the Williamstown Community Theatre. She earned the award for her energetic portrayal of the Tin Man in Oz and for her outstanding job as our Prop Goddess. Lauren is playing Audrey in Little Shop. She is an Honor Thespian and Team Secretary. This is one talented young woman!
Samantha Therrien  -   Samantha is finally playing someone her own age! Sam is our specialist on portraying little girls. She was Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz and the extremely cute little sister of George in Our Town. She is our makeup artist in Little Shop as well as Chiffon.
Dr. Darlene Radin has been our photographer for many  years. Hundreds of her photos may be seen on our web site “Doc Dar” has both undergraduate and doctorate degrees from the University of Massachusetts. She taught English at MCLA and is a published poet.
Ed Horsfall - Ed is a Junior at Drury High School. This is his first production with the Team. He is in Drury Band and Chorus and the chorus at the Congregational Church. Ed is proud that he will try out for Senior Western Districts for bass in the chorus. We definitely think this part in Little Shop is made just for him!
Dr. Len Radin -  Dr. Radin was inducted into the Educational Theatre Association Hall of Fame in Washington, D.C. in 2000. He also received the Sir Mort Theatre Teacher of the year award. Governor Mitt Romney will present the Points of Light Award to Dr. Radin next month.  Doc’s a graduate of UMass and earned his doctorate degree at Tufts University. He also claims he was the milk monitor in the second grade.
Emma Shen Arabia, Anna Arabia, Samantha Andrews These youngest and cutest members of our cast are not yet in high school but already are alumni of the Team.  In the Drama Team production of The Wizard of Oz, Samantha was our melting witch, and Emma and Anna were in the Lullaby league. They were also in our production of Our Town and are now in their third Drama Team production.
Chris Gutierrez  - Chris's outgoing personality brings Mr. Mushnik to life. What Chris liked most about "Our Town" is the message that it sends out to the audience and how it allows the audience to think and interpret it's meaning. "I think the best aspect of being on the team is that it's normal to be different." Chris looks forward to two more years on the team. Chris is a member of the chorus and the local youth group.
Scott Bailey (music director) received his bachelor's degree in piano performance from the Crane School of Music at the State University of New York, College at Potsdam.  He has served as accompanist for the Crane Opera Ensemble, Contemporary Music Ensemble, and Men's Ensemble.  As a Drury High School Music and Drama Team alum, this is his second production at the school since 1999.  He has earned a master's degree in Piano Performance and Accompanying from the University of Massachusetts last year.
He received the Best Thespian Award, Thespian Honor Bar and Alumni Awards from the Drama Team.
Cody Johnson - This is Cody’s first year on the Team. He appeared on stage in Stamford and is now our Customer in Little Shop and one of our puppeteers. His mother, Tamra Hjermstad helped paint Audrey II. She appeared on stage with Dr. Radin too many years ago than they would like to admit.
Emily May - Emily’s vitality, talent and smile adds a lot to the Drama Team environment. We are thrilled she is on the Team this year and sad that we discovered her in her senior year :(  Emily’s mother Barbara May, helped paint the set.
Jamie Lee McNary - This cute freshman joined a bit late in her first year at Drury.  She was soon promoted to Asst. Stage Manager and then raised to the post of Stage Manager. Imagine where she would be if she joined at the beginning of the year! She’s also in the band front.
Annie Pecor (Associate Producer and choreographer) Annie is a graduate of Siena College with a B.A. in English.  In December she will be a certifed middle school English teacher.  Annie also teaches ballet and jazz at Karen's School of Dance.  She is an alumni of the Drury Drama Team.  Annie is an honor thespian who received the Best Thespian Award.  This sweet, kind, young woman played the hostile, power-hungry Nurse Ratched in the Drury Drama Team production of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest in 1998.

RON & TIGER WATERMAN – (Creators of the Audrey II) have been affiliated with the Drury Drama Team for a number of years starting with the 1999 production of the “Children’s Hour” and have helped the team with back drops and props ever since.      

Both 1971 Graduates of Rhode Island School of Design and are artists with their own art services company -  Waterman Studios in Readsboro, VT. Ron currently works as a contract photographer/videographer for the decommissioning Yankee Power plant in Rowe Mass. Tiger has recently retired from a 34 year career as the art teacher at Hoosac Valley High School in Adams Mass. The Watermans started designing and constructing the four Audrey II puppets beginning in May.

Customer 1   
Customer 2     
Dr. Orin Scravello   
Radio Announcer    
Mrs. Bernstein  
Mrs. Luce    
Audrey II        


Names in bold are members of the International Thespian Society.

  Indicates honor member of Thespians
  Indicates alumni of the Drama Team
  Indicates elected as “Best Thespian”
  Technical Theatre Award
Dr. Len Radin
Scott Bailey
Annie Pecor
Jamie Lee McNary
Ron Waterman
Tiger Waterman
Phoebe Pepper
Brad Andrews, Amanda Chapman
Aaron Chappell II, Anthony Golfieri
Jake Hebert, Erin Patten
Yeni Vasques
Jose Vasquez, Kayla Beany
Barbara May, Jesse Poirier
Lauren Skiffington
Kimberly Rose
Annie Pecor 
Trevor Foehl
Kimberly Rose
Dr. Darlene Melville Radin
Charlie Manuel 
Jon King 
Nicholas King
Stephen Beagle
Bill Beattie
Phoebe Pepper
Emily May 
Charlie Manuel
Samantha Therrien 
Pam Langlois
Tom Morrill
Lauren Marceau
Ron and Tiger Waterman
Dr. Len Radin
Cody Johnson        
Lauren Skiffington 
Lauren Marceau
Heidi Shartrand
Charlie Manuel 
Chris Gutierrez
Leon Peters
Lauren Marceau
Davion Hart 
Dr. Len Radin

Our program booklet had the following ads:
Fred Thompson
David Ranzer
RI Baker
Flynn and Dagnoli Funeral Home
Church Street Chiropractic
Scott Bailey, Pianist/Organist
Berkshire Trade and Commerce Monthly
Fire Fighters
DiLego's Jewelry Store
Angelinas Sub Shop
Mayor Barratt
Atef Jewelers
Hoosac Bank
Colonial Pizza
Chef's Hat Restaurant
Rothschild and Stewart,  Oral surgeons
Little's HSC Pharmacy
In Touch Massage
Adams Co-Op Bank
Totally Tan
Specialty Minerals
Colonial Pizza
Breda's Italian Kitchen
Persnickety Toys
Mister Tire
In memory of Joe Manuel
TIP Development
Son's of Italy Lodge
T & M Auto Repair
True North Financial Services
Nassif's Pharmacy
Tanzmen, Maselli and Field Optometrists
Moulton's Pizzeria
Dr. Dean Radin, Entangled Minds (a new book)
This production is dedicated to
Carl Jenkins.

“Mr. J” has brought performing arts to generations of  North Adams students. His skill, dedication and
compassion are legendary.
Awards presented to the Drama Team
1993 – Northern Berkshire Coalition for Health and Human Services
Peer Recognition Award
1995 – Berkshire Jaycees – Volunteer Award
1999 - Certificate of Appreciation from the N. Adams School Committee
1996 – Berkshire College Club – Education Award
1996 – Educational Theatre Association – Earl W. Blank Award
1996 – One of four finalists for the national Innovative Theatre Award.
1997 – EdTA – theatre journalism award
1992 – 2005 – selected for performance on the national level
International Thespian Society
1998 – Sir Clark Theatre Teacher of the Year Award to Dr. Len Radin
1999 - "Local Hero" Transcript to Doc
2000 – Educational Theatre Association inducts Dr. Radin into the EdTA Hall of Fame in ceremonies in Washington DC
2003 - VIP listing in Transcript
2004 - Volunteer of the week. - Berkshire Eagle
2005—Governor’s Point of Light Award

A full list of all awards
presented to students may be found here.

Here are just a few of the many plays presented by the Drama Team:
1990   The Diary of Anne Frank
1991The Miracle Worker
1992Our Town
1993Skin of Our Teeth
1994Romeo and Juliet
1995Midsummer Night’s Dream
1996The Crucible
1997Alice in Wonderland
1998One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
1999The Children’s Hour
2000Radio TBS
The Miracle Worker
The Largest Elizabeth in the World
2003The Wizard of Oz
2004Our Town
Thanks !

It’s a real joy to see how educational theatre can profoundly affect so many diverse people of all ages. This production has been a demonstration of cooperation, team spirit and good feelings among a wide group of people.

The Drama Team gratefully thanks the following grant organizations:

The Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation for a grant from the Gateway Fund
This project is supported in part by funding from the Massachusetts Cultural Council as administered locally by the Arts Lottery Commission of Northern Berkshire.

The Drama Team also thanks the following individuals for their donations: Mr. and Mrs. Carl Jenkins, Donald and Nancy Pecor, Justyna Carlson,  Drs. Darlene and Len Radin, Dr. Dean Radin, Jerome and Hilda Radin, Connie Manuel, Mayor John Barrett III, Gene Wein, Robert Bashevkin, David and Joanne Ranzer, Michael Deep, Henry and Carole Kalisz, Lorraine Saulnier, Peter May, Curtis Foehl, Sharon Foehl, Landmark Credit Union, Tom Bernard, Lisa Marceau, Karen Marino, Michelle Dufur, and Joy Marino. Diana Disanti Arabia, Tom and Kathy Arabia, and many others.

Over 2000 photos

53 web pages

The Drama Team web site lists more visits or “hits” than any other EdTA listed site. We now have over 35,000 visits from at least 99 countries. Our site has over 2000 photos from many plays and a wealth of information on educational theatre including many links to other important sites. Our students use the site for various aspects of our courses. Also on the site are lists of awards, schedules, history of the Team, descriptions of technical theatre jobs, guest book and policies. There are 53 pages of photos and information on the site. You may see many photos of this production on our web site. Please be sure to leave a comment on our guest page.
Tom Morrill
Charlie Manuel
Drury Drama Team heading to International Thespian Festival
- May 23, 2005

The Drury Drama Team has been selected to represent Massachusetts at the International Thespian Festival in Lincoln, Nebraska during the last week in June. Thespians is the International honor society of educational theatre.

Over two million student and teacher members have joined the organization over the past 75 years. Eleven Drury High School students and Dr. Radin, Drama Team Director will join over 2500 other drama students and their teachers from all over the world for this seventy-fifth week-long anniversary celebration of educational theatre held at the University of Nebraska.

Dr. Radin said, “The students and I look forward all year to the festival. This is our 13th International festival and it gets better each year.“ Radin said the week is packed with theatre in the form of one act plays, full-length plays and musicals, workshops, social activities, college auditions, and other educational opportunities.

Radin said that, “most high school theatre departments are small. Students rarely meet many others actors in their age group. Here is an enormous gathering of student actors from around the globe.” The students will be performing the play, Jennifer Grey Has Disappeared. The cast includes Sam Therrien, Haylee Jones, and Kim Rose.

The Drama Team will present the Broadway smash hit, Little Shop of Horrors in November. Contact the Drama Team web site for more information including over 1800 photos of past plays.