Assistant Director
Your job is to constantly follow up on other tech jobs to insure they are being done on time.  This year we have to do much more than last year in keeping up to date as to what is happening with tech jobs. It is up to you to keep me informed. Talk to me about tech jobs at every rehearsal. This is very important.

Learn what, "proactive" means.

1.Study the tech job directions in detail for everyone on the Team.  Follow up on people at every opportunity.  Make sure that everyone is doing what he or she is supposed to be doing. 
2.Know and keep track of when reports are due, remind people that the tech jobs are due.  Read the reports.  Make sure that everyone hands in reports.  Note who is late with reports.  Keep a list. Go over these reports with me. Without going over reports with me, the reports are meaningless.
3.Very important  Meet with me to discuss the tech job reports.  This must be done when we have more than just a few minutes available.  We should carefully go over the tech reports and anticipate any developing problems.  It is up to you to follow up anything we decide to do about these problems.
4.You are a people problem solver.  Seek out any developing problems.  In a play of this size, there are bound to be personal problems developing.  As the  Assistant Director, you may be in position to smooth out the problems before they develop.  If the problem needs my input, do not hesitate to discuss it with me.
5.You are my representative when I am not in the building.  Keep in close contact with me.  Let me know about what is happening.  This may include problems with cast members, problems with the performance space, opportunity for promoting our plays, events that may interfere with rehearsals etc.  You are my extra eyes and ears that are constantly looking for developing problems and ways to make my job easier. Do not hesitate to call me.
6.Do not hesitate to help people do their tech job. (Remember, an effective administrator should be able to do this without antagonizing!)  You should be constantly evaluating tech jobs and letting me know if jobs are not being done.  This is your main job.

Here are some other things you can do to make my job easier:
1.Always be the first student in the theatre for class and rehearsals.  Turn the stage lights on if they are not on.
3.Always have a pen a paper for you to write notes and extra for me.  I am constantly loosing pens and paper.
4.Always know where you can get a flashlight.  Hide at least two of them in places where you can easily get to them.
5.Make lists. Make lists. Make more lists. This includes things that I remember we have to get done.  It also includes organizing the play in any way you can think of. You should always have a class list with phone numbers with you.
6.You are my eyes and ears when I am not in the building.  If anything happens that would be good for me to know about, call me either at home or at the office or e-mail me .  This might include developing problems that I can correct before it gets serious.  It also may include letting me know what is happening in school.  In the past, a day was called off and no one told me.
7.Check on the theatre when I 'm not in the building. Make sure that no one is harming any of our materials.

In general, think of ways that will make my job as director at Drury easier.
If everyone passes their tech job, you pass your tech job.