Grades for Theatre Arts courses
The total grade for our full-length productions is composed of the average of 40 grades in various aspects of participation in that play. All students received a two or three page written evaluation and 40 grades. The total production grade is composed of the acting and tech job grade.
The grades on the monologue is calculated by averaging the grades other students assigned to that monologue (50%) and the grade I assigned that student's critique of other student's monologues.(50%). In other words, the student received grades in their monologue and how they critiqued other student's monologues.
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The final exam will be a critique of a monologue, questions on the project and questions on vocabulary words on the homework page.
The student who earns the highest grade of the year in Theatre, receives the Class of 1961 Rising Star Award.
Luke Sisto had the highest grade in Theatre in the 2008-2009 school year.
Note: All grades for this course and other courses at Drury are listed on the general Drury High School site.
Students are graded on performance on stage, class participation, preparation, papers, projects, tests, homework, tech job, final exam, attendance, critiques, and team effort.
The overall grades are weighted as follows:
Participation -  35%  (attendance, classroom contribution, memorization, daily preparation)
Assignments - 35% (homework, tech job, projects)
Assessments - 30%( tests, quizzes, critiques, and papers.)

Some individual grades are a combination of more than one catagory. For instance, the formal evalauation of stage performances is a bit of all three.