Your job is to keep the stage spotless and safe.

This is an extremely important job.  In the past there have been some injuries that have resulted from articles being left on the floor of the stage. 

It is your job to insure that you come to class and rehearsals early and clear the stage not only of large objects that do not belong, but sweep the stage clean of any smaller particles as well.  The stage has to be swept for each rehearsal.

It is your job not only to clear the stage, but to clear off stage as well.  If materials build up off stage right and left, then it will not be safe for the actors in the dark.  Where to put the large pieces of wood and metal?  That's a very good question and something that Mr. Jenkins and I have been trying to answer for many years.  Please be creative in answering the question yourself.  In any case, it has to be clear off stage so no one can hurt himself or herself off stage.

You know that you have done a good job if you can walk on and off stage right and left in the dark and not bump into anything except the wall.

Give a tech report to the Assistant Director on October 6 explaining in detail what you did to make it safe. Please send a copy of this to me by e-mail at

Also very important.  Check the stage daily to make sure that our stage and set is not being abused on days that we do not have class.  You are my representative on stage when I am not in the building.  Protect the stage!
On November 3 give the assistant director and me your second report. Send me a copy by e-mail.
In order to get an "A", the acting surface must always be cleared of objects or dirt that does not belong there. In order to get a passing grade, the stage must be swept at each rehearsal

The stage has to be clean for the actors.
Stage Safety