Your job is to help make sure that the set is completed on October 20.

1.Talk to the set designer.  They will plan the construction of the stage. 
2.On October 4, give a report to the Assistant Director explaining in detail exactly what you did and what is left to do. Send a copy of this report to me by e-mail.
3.Do not wait to be told what to do!  Be creative and resourceful in building the set. It is up to you to keep asking what you can do to help.
4.You are financially responsible for the tools.  Do not allow the tools to be left out after rehearsals.  If a tool is lost, you are financially responsible for it.  Lock all tools away after each use.
5.The set must be finished by October 20. After the play, you are in charge of striking the set.  Be sure that nothing is left on the stage after the stage has been cleared.
6.After each rehearsal, check the stage and house to make sure all tools and building supplies are put away and locked.
7.After the play is over, write thank you notes to all the people that helped, particularly the stage designer and the parents that helped build the set.  Show these letters to the Assistant Director before sending them. Send me e-mail copies.

Here is a web site that has a lot of information on set construction:
High School Tech

This web site has information on stage design: Theatre Design
In order to get a passing grade, the set must be completed by October 20. In order to get at least a B, you should show creativity and resourcefulness in creating a set that is worthy of the Drama Team.

Set Construction
Ron and Tiger Waterman have made many of our sets.
They were named the 2007 North Adams Public School Volunteers of the year. They constructed the Audrey II plants below.
Mascot drawings ©2008 by Howard Cruse; used by permission of the artist.