It is your job to keep the house clean and safe.

The house is the part of the theater where the seats are located.  We have to leave the house clean after each rehearsal.  If you are not going to be present after a certain rehearsal, be sure someone else will clean up for you.

You are not a janitor.  It is not necessary to sweep away every last piece of dirt.  It is necessary to remove all objects such as cans, pizza boxes, books and particularly building supplies and tools. Make sure that all tools, props and Drama Team materials are locked away properly after each rehearsal. On days that I am not in the school, check on the theatre once in a while to make sure that our materials are not being disturbed.  

You should not have to be told what to do after each rehearsal.  There should be nothing in the house that does not belong there.  In the past, actors hurt themselves in the dark house when they tripped over building materials that were not put away.

On October 4 and November 1, give a tech report to the Assistant Director that explains in detail what you have done and what you intend to do. Please send me a copy of these reports by e-mail. Note that people are not allowed to eat in the house. You may remind people of this. This rule will make your job easier.

In order to receive a passing grade, you should clean the house at each rehearsal. In order to receive at least a B, the house should always be cleared of everything that does not have a reason to be there. 
House Safety