Dr. Len Radin, Drama Team director, applies Makeup to Peter Simon.

      During September you will have to acquire all the materials you will need. This is entirely up to you. Talk to me about this. 

You are responsible for makeup. 

Your task is to keep the makeup safe and to make sure it is put away after each rehearsal and performance no matter who used it. Have a makeup area ready with sufficient tables at least two and a half hours before each performance, to have plenty of tissues, baby oil, chairs, and paper towels available and to keep the makeup material clean, neat, and in order.  You are responsible for putting away the make up and for keeping the make up and make up area clean and neat.  

Take out the make up materials before the show and place them on the table.  You are to keep the makeup area neat during the show.  After each show clean, straighten out the materials, and put them away.

Be sure during the show that make up is maintained on the actors.  Powder shiny faces and correct smudges.  Some actors will do part or their entire make up.

Know the makeup requirements of this show and be sure that the appropriate makeup is available well in advance of the tech rehearsal.  It takes three weeks to ship some make up.  Be sure we are well stocked.

Practice with the makeup. By September 27, everyone should have had makeup applied at least once by you. I will determine who will be doing the makup on each character. You, however, are in charge of keeping the makeup in order and locked away after each use. 

Give a report of all the additional makeup we need to get by September 27 to me by e-mail.

On November 1, give a report to the Assistant Director. Include in your report a list of all make up materials you have ready for this production. Include makeup remover, tissues, etc.

In order to receive a passing grade, you have to organize, execute and clean up the make up for rehearsals and play. In order to receive at least a "B" the makeup has to be creative, appropriate and worthy of the Drama Team. You will NOT be doing all the makeup. You ARE responsible for keeping the makeup in order and locked away after each use even if someone else has used the makeup.

​Here is just one link for makeup instruction;https://www.jomashop.com/blog/a-beginners-guide-to-stage-makeup/

Makeup Artist