1.Throw out anything we do not need. Ask me about anything you want to throw out.
2.We will eat in the Drama Room. Have a small table and chairs available.
3.Throw out any costumes that we can easily get in a Goodwill store. People tend to give us their old clothes for some reason thinking incorrectly that we have room for it.  Please let me know what you are throwing out before you do.  Some items may have sentimental value.
4.Keep the posters in good shape.  Protect them against other objects.  Be sure that nothing is leaning against them. 
5.Be sure that the door is always locked except during rehearsals.  The door may be left open during rehearsals so people will not have to constantly ask you for your key.  Bythe way, make a copy of my key for you to use.
6.Be absolutely sure that before you leave each rehearsal that the Drama Room is locked and clean.

7.Try to make the room as empty as possible.

8.Give the assistant director a tech job report on Oct 6 and November 3 including what you did to set up the room, what you have left to do and problems you have encountered.

In order to get a passing grade, there can never be food left in the Drama Room and the floor must be kept clear. All costumes must be folded neatly or hung up neatly. In order to get at least a B, the room must always be neat. Nothing should be out of place, closet doors should be locked and nothing should be in the Drama Room that does not have to be there. Also, nothing should be on the table.

Your main job
is to keep the
Drama Room
clean on a
weekly basis.
Be sure that
nothing is on
the floor except
for furniture.
Drama Room Goddess