Cast Party
       Your job is to plan a fun and meaningful party.
Give a report to the Assistant Director by October 3. It should include your plans for the party. Be complete. Show that you have followed up on these plans.
Send an e-mail report to me by November 1. The party itself will be held after closing on the last performance. 

There can be no alcoholic drinks or smoking.  Be absolutely sure that you invite everyone involved in the play individually and that you get a count of the number of people coming.  Invite all the involved adults as well.  Be sure to check off everyone on the list to make sure all are invited.  Make a map if the party is at a house.

There are no funds budgeted for this party.  You should collect money for the party at least two weeks in advance.  That is entirely your job.  Make sure you collect enough from everyone so you do not end up having a bill.  I will not reimburse any losses.  Be creative.  Don't just tell everyone to go to a certain restaurant.  Make it an event that is memorable and appropriate.

The party is the appropriate time to thank everyone who contributed to the great effort of staging the play.  Buy gifts for the people that helped us that usually do not get enough recognition.  This includes but is not limited to the Stage Manager, set artist, and all the adults that helped. Put some thought into the presents that you buy.  Match the gifts with the amount of work the person put into the production. Make sure that the money you collect form everyone will cover the amount to pay for gifts.  Raise money for the party anyway you think is appropriate.  Collecting money from the cast is fine.

Plan the party ahead.  Do not wait for the last two or three weeks.  Make the party a part of the experience of the play. Have events planned at the cast party. Some people will be very hungry at the cast party. Food should be available to buy by individuals.
In order to get a passing grade, you have to plan and execute a cast party. In order to get an least a "B" the party has to be memorable, exciting and a very positive experience for all.