Buddy Layman – an idiot boy Luke Sisto
Jennie Mae Layman - his sister             Lindsey Keating
Ferris Layman - Their father Dom Wood
C.C. Showers - a backsliding preacher Connor Johnson
Norma Henshaw – owner of the
      Hossier Dry Goods, a true believer                 Emma Gregory
Darlene Henshaw - her niece Emilee Nicholas
Goldie Short - Owner of the Dine-Away-Café         Courtney Rolnick  
Basil Bennett - a farmer, the local doctor of sorts  Emily Eastman   (changing character name
                                                                                                  to  Beatrice)
Luella Bennett - her friend, a doubter                    Carlee Huttle                     
Melvin Wilder - a farmhand                                  Matt Scanlon
Dewey Maples - a young farmhand                        Cameron Lapine

Town woman                                                  Emma Arabia
Town woman                                                  Nicole Schneider
Town Woman                                                  Becky Durant 

Cast list - Descriptions of cast are by the author, Jim Leonard.
Staff and Crew list
The Diviners
Costume for Darlene made by Michelle Radin. Character by Emilee Nicholas
Director      Dr. Len Radin
Producer            Annie Yenelovich
Lighting EngineerTrevor Flagg
Costume construction                                       Michelle Radin
Musical Director and sound effects                     Matt McConnell
Sound technicianAlliey Pevay
Props        Lindsey Keating
Head Drama Momma                 Michelle Nicholas
Artists Tiger and Ron Waterman
Costumes          Emilee Nicolas
Head Shots Connor Johnson
Assistant DirectorEmma Gregory
Stage Safety                                                    Matthew Scanlon
Makeup                                                           Carlee Huttle
lights                                                               Jim Montgomery
lights                                                               Nicole Superneau
chef                                                                Emily Eastman
social director                                                  Emma Arabia
drama room                                                    Nicole Schneider, Brandi Robertson
program booklet                                              Cameron Lapine
Set Construction                                              Dom Wood
Bearer of the Bear                                    Becky Durant

This is a dress that Michelle Radin made from an actual 1930s pattern using clothing fabrication techniques from that time period.
This dress won second place in the State Fair of Alaska! Congrats, Mishy!
This prop was turned into a 1930s Schwin by
Ron and Tiger Waterman.
This production is sponsored in part by the Northern Berkshire Cultural Council and the Hardman and Gateway grants of the Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation.                                  

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To see 80 images of the play, go here.
Luke Sisto talks about Doc.
Scene with Cameron Lapine and Emily Eastman
Scene with Norma Henshaw, Goldie Short and Luella Bennett