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Jason Valliers as Howie Newsome
Thorton Wilder
Jason LaForest as George

N. County schools assist in ‘Our Town’
From The North Adams Transcript – November 18, 1992
No ovation, no curtain call
By Michael  I. Cohen

NORTH ADAMS - There will be no curtain calls, no ovations for
the cast members of the Drury Drama Team production of "Our
Town" - and that's exactly the way the drama team wants it. .
"The end of this play is such an intense emotional moment, a moment
of awe, that we decided to not have a curtain call," said Dr, Len,
Radin, director of the play and adviser of the drama team,
Radin said the applause and curtain calls would disrupt the moment,
and he and the cast would rather let the audience sit in silence and contemplate
the ideas of the play. "There is an intense dramatic
quality that I think will be uplifting to the audience," Radin said.
"Our Town," by Thornton Wilder, is a Pulitzer Prize-winning
play about life and death in Grover's Corners, a small, typical New Eng-
! land town, The Drury Drama Team will present "Our Town" this Thursday,
Friday and Saturday nights at 7 o'clock at the high school Admission
is $2 for students and $4 for adults. Tickets may be purchased at
the door.
"This is the fifth year of the drama program and this is probably the
biggest play ever staged at Drury High School," Radin said.
Some 82 people are at work on the cast and crew of the production. Students
drawn from' around North County including all three city elementary
schools. The Silvio O. Conte Middle school and Drury' High
School, as well as students from Charles H. McCann Technical
School and the Clarksburg and Williamstown Elementary Schools.
"We even have a faculty member and a student from North Adams
State College in the cast this time," Radin said.
Radin, who volunteers his time to coordinate the drama program, and
teach a for-credit drama course at the high school, said the "Our Town"
production caps a five-year effort to build a full-fledged drama program
at the high schooL ..In this production will be the premiere of a lot of new materials, a
lot of heavy equipment that's not romantic, but is necessary for a major
production." Radin said. The drama team received a grant
from the LaFesta Partners With Education Program, and a state grant
through the Northern Berkshire Arts Lottery CounciL With the grant
funds and money raised from the community, the drama team bought
equipment such as professional stage lighting and an electronic control
system, a set of structural supports that allow for a "thrust" or a temporary
extension of the stage and other production items. '
The improvements and equipment are now part of the permanent Drury
drama program, which will enhance the production values "for years to
come, " Radin said. . As for the play at hand, Radin said
North County audiences are ill for a treat. 
  I am extremely proud of the kids. They’re doing a great job.” Radin said.
“My background is in professional theatre. Nobody ever told me what a
high school production is supposed to be in terms of what the upper level
of competence is supposed to be. I’m putting on a play, not a high school play.”

Often produced, yet most difficult to do well
Drury Drama Team presents
Wilder's classic, Our Town
by Sarah Gillooly, '94
The Devil's Advocate

Drury will be treated to a classic drama about life in the small village of
Grovers Comers, New Hampshire. The Drury Drama Team will present
Thornton Wilder's Our Town on November 19, 20, and 21 at 7:00 p.m.
Tickets are $2.
Wilder's play, a three act Pulitzer Prize winning drama. depicts life in a
typical American small town around the turn of the last century.
Life in a small town: what's the big deal about that? Anyone who is a native
to this area can answer that question. As in North Adams and it's surrounding
communities, nothing extraordinary happens. But that's just the point. As you
watch the play, you see that such things as the sun setting, the moon shining, or
the flowers blooming are important. Wilder wanted people to know that
it's not until after you're dead that you would see how you took your life for
granted. Wilder believed that people didn't appreciate life well enough
while they were alive and never realized this until it was too late.
Getting this message .out to an audience takes a lot of dedication.
Long rehearsals have been normal for the cast.
Director and Drury drama teacher Dr. Len Radin said, "Our Town is one
of the most common of all high school plays, yet the most difficult" It is so
difficult because of the subtle nature of the theme. A lot of time, effort, and
talent will be needed to keep the audience interested and at the same
time carry out Wilder's intended theme.
Freshman Tim Mangun said, "It takes a lot of hard work, but the play is
well worth it." Rehearsals until 6:30 at night or later are typical, and as
sophomore Sheri Pikul adds,"A person must be completely dedicated and have
lots of patience in order to survive Doc."
Major roles include Mrs. Coyne as the stage manager, Tiffany Wilson as
Emily Webb, Sean Horan, a N.A.S.C. actor as Mr. Webb, and Caroline Green
as Mrs. Webb. Also playing important roles are Jason Laforest as George Gibbs, Sheri
Pikul as Mrs. Gibbs, and Tim Mangun as Mr. Gibbs.
The rest of the cast includes students from Drury, McCann and the
North Adams Middle School and elementary schools.

Stage Manager
Dr. Gibbs
Joe Crowell
Howie Newsome
Mrs. Gibbs
Mrs. Webb
George Gibbs
Rebecca Gibbs
Wally Webb
Emily Webb
Professor Willard
Mr. Webb
1st person in house
2nd person in house
3rd person in house
Simon Stimpson
Mrs. Soames
Constable Warren
Si Crowell
Baseball Player 1
Baseball Player 2
Sam Craig
Joe Stoddard
Asst. Stage Manager I
Asst. Stage Manager 2

Debbie Coyne (Drury Faculty)
Tim Mangun
Andrew Elder (Conte)
Jason Valliers
Sherry Pikul
Caroline Green
Jason LaForest
Ashley Wilcox
Brett Bullett
Tiffany Wilson
Nikolai Rudd
Sean W. Horgan (NASC)
Melisa St. Jacques
Terry O'Flynn
Arny Remillard
Julieanne Brazeau
Allison Rennell
Sherri White
Melisa St. Jacques
Arnie Groves
Melisa St. Jacques
Gloria Tower
Theresa Thomas
Kelli Butler
Jennifer Blackmer
to be announced by Julieanne Brazeau

Rebecca Cairns
Meghan Merrigan
Carrie Choquette
Travis Pinsonnault
Chelsea Crowley
Erica Rock
Geoffrey Deschamps
Stephanie Sebastino
Erin Kut
Jodi Witherell
Dave Lewis
The Dead
Joy Davis
Karl Shennan

Katie little Nathan Tatro
Matthew Champrey  Alaequah Metter
Jill Miner                 Bryce Cohen
Kim Cormier            April Pitroff
Marlnda Righter       Heather Cyr
Cleo Deschamps      Jocelyn Rock
Sarah Sanchez        Jocelyn Deschamps
Michael Hosier         Jennifer Tatro
Kristen Wick            Jessica Keiser
Kate Labendz           Karl Zwiercan
Chelsea Crosby        Nathan Hosier
(members of the McCann Drama Team)
Angela Howland       Sharon Serre
Heather Traversa      Mackenzie Zwiercan

The Drury Drama Team welcomes students from the following schools to its cast:
Sullivan, Conte, McCann, Williamstown, Greylock, Carksburg and North Adams
State College.
Cast members from McCann High School are members of the McCann Drama
Team, directed by Terry Flynn.

Children of the town:
Asst. Tech Director
2nd asst.
Asst. Stage Manager
Asst. Stage Manager
Stage Hand
Administrative Asst.
Lighting Technician
Crew Captain
House Manager
Ticket Sales
Sound Effects
Cast Party
Costumes Asst.
Ad Sales
Consultant (construction)
Consultant (costume

Sarah Gillooly
Dave Ciempa
Kelli Butler
Jennifer Blackmer
Cheryl Vaughan
Kelly Horn
Mary Sawyer
Russell Bedard
Kelli Butler
Sherry Pikul
Dayle Bechta
Leon Peters (NASC)
Tiffany Wilson
Jason Vallieres
Caroline Green
Jason LaForest
Gloria Tower
Melisa St. Jacques, Ashley Wilcox
Allison Rennell
Keith Davis
Andrew Hoar (NASC)
Terry Flynn (McCann)
Bruce Wallace (Theatrix)
Barbara Durrin (NASC)
Chris Gregory, Melissa McCarron,
Nikolai Rudd, Theresa Thomas,

Staff and Crew
Tech Director                 Matt Mangun
Musical Director     Julianne Brazeau
Person in charge of everything in the whole world - Kerry Labendz (not to confuse her with the character called The Stage Manager)
Sherry Pikul and Caroline Green as the mothers
Sherry Pikul and Tim Mangun as the Gibbs
Ashley Wilcox as Rebecca Gibbs
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Our Town by Thornton Wilder
November 19 - 21, 1992
Tiffany Wilson as Emily Webb
Sean Horgan as Mr. Webb.
Jason LaForest as George