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Removing the Glove by Clarence Coo
This comedy is a one-act play about the intolerance faced by gay teens in high school.

The 1994 Drury Drama Team cast of this play is listed in the script as one of the first groups to perform what was then an unpublished play. We presented "Glove" at the International Thespian Festival in Indiana. It is now published by Baker's Plays. Our original production was sponsored in part by the Safe Schools program of the Massachusetts Department of Education. Safe School grants were established to address the intolerance faced by gay teens in Massachusetts public schools. The play's message to everyone no matter what their sexual orientation: You're OK. - Dr. Len Radin
From the published Removing the Glove script, Baker's Plays.
The Drury Drama Team has produced two world premiere plays that have now been published. The first was Removing the Glove by Clarence Coo, a short play on the theme of homophobia. The second premiere was by famed playwright, Stephen Gregg. It's entitled, G.L.A.M.O.R
  Below is one of the first pages of the published play, Removing the Glove.
script of Removing the Glove
From Baker's Plays:
Young Will has admitted that he is left-handed. How can he tell this to his family? His friends? Afraid of repercussions, he's hid this sordid fact about himself for years. He eats with his right hand. His parents and his girlfriend don't know. He can't go on lying like this, but how can he come out of the glove compartment? Although one person in ten is left-handed, society hasn't caught up with the facts. The school's star quarterback admitted to being ambidextrous and was kicked off the team. Some still consider it a mental disease. There are rumors that the President of the United States is himself a leftie, and this is why he avoided the draft. Will our hero find the strength to reveal his true nature and “Remove the Glove?

Cast and crew of 2006 Drama Team production of Removing the Glove:

Jamie Lee McNary
Kimberly Rose
Charles Manuel
Emily May
Lauren Skiffington
Sam Therrien
Tom Morrill
Ed Horsfall
Chris Gutierrez
Lauren Marceau
Trevor Foehl

Directed by Dr. Len Radin