Skin of Our Teeth by Thorton Wilder
Amy Remillard as Sabina kissing Jason Bailey as messenger.

Announcer   Marissa Carlson
Sabina   Amy Remillard
Mrs. Fitzpatrick   Debbie Coyne
Mrs. Maggie Antrobus   Caroline Greene
Dolly the Dinosaur   Mary Sawyer
Fred the Mammoth   Missy McCarron
Telegraph Boy   Jason Bailey
Gladys Antrobus   Rebecca Cairns
Henry Antrobus   Chad Therrien
George Antrobus   Tim Mangun
Doctor   Marissa Carlson
Moses   Leo Chipkin
Homer's Dog   Madison
Miss E. Muse   Elizabeth Urban
Miss T. Muse   Angela Demo
Miss M. Muse   Kate Merrigan
Usher   Angela Tower
Girl   Elizabeth Urban
Girl   Allison Rennell
Girl   Jennifer Blackmer
Girl   Marissa Carlson
Girl   Kate Bernard
Fortune Teller   Sherry Pikul
Convener   Jason Bailey
Broadcast Official   Marissa Carlson
Ms. Tremayne   Sherry Pikul
Hester   Kate Bernard
Ivy   Angela Tower
Fred Bailey   Allison Rennell
Refugee   Krisa Tower
Refugee Jen Blackmer
Bingo Caller    Debbie Coyne
Piano Player   Katie-Rose Radin
Trumpet player   Eric Bailey

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Sherry Pikul as Fortune Teller
Richard Sawyer as Homer
Poster by Jerome Radin
Leo Chipkin as Moses
Katie-Rose Radin as piano player
Becky Cairns and Caroline Green
Amy Remillard
Amy Remillard, Tim Mangan, Becky Cairns and Chad Therrien
The Skin of Our Teeth by Thornton Wilder
November 18 - 20, 1993
script of The Skin of Our Teeth
The picture below was placed in The Transcipt 17 years after our play!