A Midsummer Night's Dream
November 16 - 18, 1995
The mechanicals
Oberon and Puck
Mike Grogan
Matt McConnell
Puck and Oberon
Scott McNeil as Demetrius and Marissa Carlson
as Helena
A photo from the Drury Drama Team production appeared in Dramatics Magazine.
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Click on this photo to see Drury photo in Dramatics.
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Angie Tower as Puck
"For the short and long is, our play is preferred."
Kate Bernard as Titania
Costumes designed and constructed by
Michelle Tal Radin
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Poter by Leon Peters
Fairies on our living set
Dr. Len Radin, Drama Team Director
applies make-up to Peter Simon
The mechanicals
Peter Simon as Oberon
Sara Luczynski as Sage
Staci Downey
No Thisbe do I see.
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