Mike was assigned the part three weeks before opening!
Charlie also built a portion of the set.
This is also Danielle Oakes.
Danielle Oakes as Elizabeth
I am going to ask you the question
What does candy corn really mean?
This play gives candy corn an entirely new meaning.
a cute couple
I love that expression
I'm sorry.
Candy corn has an entirely new meaning in this play.
Marissa Parker
finding underwear in the drawer
laughing at Joe
showing slides
I didn't create you
My wife killed herself last year.
Andi Lescarbeau, Stage Manager
That's Katharine with an "a"
What's Doc doing on the set?!
The bottom half of Elizabeth
The cast of "The Largest Elizabeth in the World"
Sarah Simon as Mrs. Martin
sewing the table cloth
The Simon sisters apply makeup to Charlie's hair.
Doc Dar
This is one tall actor!
a really big Elizabeth towers over Joe.
Danielle Oakes as Elizabeth
a 17 foot dress
a tired cast
Doc gives notes to the cast.
Marissa Parker as Mrs. Parnell
watching the slide show of the funeral
. "Oakes is appealing and unaffected in the title role, and Manuel all but steals the show as the timid, love-struck Joe."
  - Gail Burns, drama critic
"And Parker oozes sex appeal as Mrs. Parnell, the new neighbor who rekindles Frank Martin's love life. "
   - Gail Burns, drama critic
Andi Lescarbeau, Past President of the Drury Drama Team and Stage Manager for Elizabeth
Shelby does Katharine's hair.
Emma was Social Director.
Charlie Manuel as Joe
Michael Hitchcock at the dad.
The cast get Charlie's hair wet for the play.
Katharine Kennedy as Amanda
Directed by Dr. Len Radin, EdTA State Director of Massachusetts
Sarah Simon as Mom
Dr. Darlene Radin, photographer.
Andi Lescarbeau, SM stands backstage with Emma Lewis as "legs."
Kareoke at the cast party.
Director Doc Radin and Sarah
The Largest Elizabeth in the World
by Stephen Gregg
drurydrama's The Largest Elizabeth in the World - 2002 photoset drurydrama's The Largest Elizabeth in the World - 2002 photoset