Program Booklet of The Largest Elizabeth in the World

The Drama Team takes control of its completely new theatre on November 21 to 23 to present this surreal treatment of a girl taking control of her body and identity in the midst of tragedy. Her insensitive father doesn't help; he's ashamed of her size and insists on embarrassing his daughters.

Stephen Gregg is no stranger to the Drama Team. Last year Stephen Gregg of California selected the Drury Drama Team to present the world premiere of his new play GLAMOR at the International Thespian Festival in Nebraska.
                  - Doc

The Drury Drama Team is supported in part by the James and Robert Hardman Fund for North Adams of the Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation.

   Many people have contributed by purchasing VIP season tickets.  They include Julia A. Steuer, Justyna M. Carlson, Jane and Carl Jenkins, Patricia and Alan Lescarbeau, Stephen and Marianne Bailey, Jane Bernard, Deborah S. Coyne,   Carl Jenkins Allison Manuel, Anne Bona, Roxana Moulton, Scott Hilchey, Jim Bua, Jean Marra, Sharon Oakes, Helen Oakes,  and Nancy O'Brien.


ELIZABETH MARTIN     Danielle Oakes
AMANDA MARTIN, her sister Katharine Kennedy
FRANK MARTIN, her father   Michael Hitchcock
LIZ MARTIN, her mother Sarah Simon
JOE MINASSIAN, a neighbor Charlie Manuel
MRS.PARNEL, a neighbor    Jennifer Ross
                                                  Marissa Parker
NEIGHBOR 2 Mollie Simon
NEIGHBOR 3 Jennifer Ross

The ITS is the honor society of educational theatre. The Drury Drama Team is ITS troupe # 5135. Dr. Radin is the Massachusetts State Thespian Director.

The Largest Elizabeth in the World was written by Stephen Gregg. Mr. Gregg has written some of the most popular short plays on the American high school stage. His one-act, This Is a Test has been voted as the most popular short play for the last few years.  Stephen Gregg is no stranger to the Drama Team. The Team presented the world premiere production of his new play, "G.L.A.M.O.R."
This production is presented with permission of The Dramatic Publishing Company.
Director                Dr. Len Radin
Asst. Director       Shelby Lewis
Stage Manager     Andi Lescarbeau
Asst. program editor      Sarah Benoit
House Safety Danielle Oakes
Prop GoddessAndi Lescarbeau
Stage Design Andi Lescarbeau
Set construction     Donna Hitchcock
            Tom Ross
            Charlie Manuel
            Katharine Kennedy
            Dr. Len Radin
Makeup ArtistKatharine Kennedy
Poster   Leon Peters, Dr. Radin
Costume Mistress Mollie Simon
Photographer Dr. Darlene Radin
Social Director      Emma Lewis
Lighting        Super Benni
Model for poster     Lindsey Tucker
Asst. webmaster   Jennifer Ross
Drama Room Goddess  Marissa Parker

Marissa Parker- This vivacious senior, seen in such
plays as "Radio TBS" and "The Miracle Worker", brings
her bubbly, energetic personality to the Drury stage this
time as the sweet, somewhat odd, Mrs. Parnell. Marissa
is known and loved for her friendly, witty demeanor.
and These qualities, as well as her huge talent,
will be missed next year.

Katharine Kennedy- This freshman, joining us from
Conte Middle School, and the Drury Drama Team's
"little sibling" team, the Conte Drama Team, was
named for the iconic Katharine Hepburn. Given her
talent, that's entirely appropriate. Katharine is mature
for her age- she appeared in two plays at Mass MoCA
(Drury's "the Miracle Worker" and last summer's liThe
Dream Life of Bricks") before she even entered high
school. She plays the smart, occasionally bratty

Danielle Oakes- The title role of Elizabeth, is played by
Danielle Oakes. This smart, witty sophomore was seen
last fall as a young blind girl living at a school for the
blind in "The Miracle Worker", and appeared over the
summer in "The Dream Life of Bricks", about the effect
of Sprague Electric and Mass MoCA on North Adams,
performed at Mass MoCA This girl has a bright future
ahead of her on the Drama Team.

Sarah Simon- Known for her singing as well as her
acting talent, this senior was able to utilize both in a
touching scene in last fall's "The Miracle Worker", in
which she played the title role. This fall, she adds
warmth and humanity to the bizarre world of Stephen
Gregg, playing the kindhearted mother to the troubled
Elizabeth, who would like nothing more than to keep
her family happy and leave her own unique mark on
the world. It's no coincidence Sarah is playing the part
of the mother, since she has often been somewhat of a
mother figure to younger actors she works with.

Mollie Simon- This funny, eclectic freshman joins us
from the Conte Middle School drama team, where she
made a name for herself last year when she starred in
"This is a Test" (also by Stephen Gregg). The youngest
of the three Simon children, who have all been Drama
Team members, Mollie is a triple treat - she acts, sings, and performs stand-up comedy.

Jennifer Ross- Jennifer, a guitar-playing sophomore,
recently moved up here from Florida state. She was
active in theater and a Thespian at her old school,
where she entered competition in "Aesop's Fables" and
"Birthday of the Infanta". She took home a first and
third place. She is friendly and outgoing, and she is a
welcome addition to the Drama Team

Charlie Manuel- The Team as a whole has grown
quite fond of Charlie's sense of humor, talent, and allaround
niceness, which are perfect qualities for his part
of Joseph, possibly the most understanding boyfriend
of all time. A freshman, Charlie can look forward to a
great future on the Drama Team.

Andi Lescarbeau- Although not visible to the audience,
senior Andi Lescarbeau is, in a way, in every part
of the production. As stage manager, she has the unenviable task of wrangling actors, props, and egos, and yet somehow she does the job as if she were born for it. Sweet and good-humored by nature, she can be
stern when she needs to be, although she never yells
just for the sake of yelling. In addition, Andi designed
the set of the play. Her talent, sense of humor, and
level headedness will be missed next year.

Sarah Benoit-Sarah has a spunky and giggly personality, but she's all business when she has to be. For the past few shows (including this one), Sarah has put together the program. It's no easy task, but she gets it done quickly and efficiently. Sarah was seen last year as Percy in "The Miracle Worker",

Cast Bios
Michael Hitchcock- has now been in a number of
plays, most notably appearing as Albert Petersen in
Bye Bye, Birdie and Uncle Jack in Dancing at Lughnasa.
When he found that the Drury Dram Team badly
needed a father for hits play, he was thrilled to come in
a work with them.

Shelby Lewis- Shelby is another senior whose presence
is felt in our production even though she herself is
not in the show. Shelby is the assistant director. She
had the demanding job of making sure everyone did
what they were supposed to (everyone on the Drama
Team has a technical job). She also served at times as
a go-between for students and "Doc" Len Radin.

Jennifer Dennis is a senior at Massachusetts College
of Liberal Arts, where she has learned much of her
technical knowledge from a certain gnomish man. Her
most enjoyed job was designing lights for Anne of
Green Gables for the Theatre at Monmouth in
Maine. This past summer she spent a grueling season
in New York relearning how to act. She is excited to be
working with the drama team for the first time.

Molly MacGregor- Molly has been making the Drama
team chuckle for four years now with her witty remarks
and lop-sided good humor. She made her debut in fall
of '99 as a student at the DobielWright Academy in
"The Children's Hour". She then grew up to a more
suitable role- taming 500 pound beauty queens as
Alveeta McClay in "Radio TBS". More recently Molly
showed off her eccentric side as Aunt Ev in The Miracle
Worker. Molly continues to support the team with her
charm and charisma, as she writes the rest of these
Tom Ross- Tom comes to us from the state of Florida,
where he was also involved in theater. He is a member
of the senior class, and, although not making an appearance
onstage, his work is. Tom put in many hardworking
hours helping to construct our set, and his
work has really paid off. The set looks great, and that's
thanks in a big part to him.

Donna Hitchcock- Mrs. Hitchcock is a new member of
the Drury faculty, but she's been incredibly helpful in
the brief time she's been here. In addition to all the help
she's contributed to the construction of our set, she's
the one who suggested her son Michael for the role of
the father. Our set is great, and Michael is a great addition
to the cast, so, thanks!

Emma Lewis- This smart, funny sophomore played a
servant girl in last year's "The Miracle Worker", and
appeared over the summer in "Dream Life of Bricks" at
Mass MaCA. She might look young, but Emma gets
along well with many who are older than her because
of her fun yet mature personality and sense of humor.
Her next couple of years on the Drama Team hold
many great roles.

Anne Scott- Anne is a friendly, hardworking new member
of the Drama Team. Nice to others she didn't know
very well, and putting in lots of work, Anne has quickly
made friends on the Drama Team. We look forward to
many great things from her!

Dr. Len Radin- With a passion for theater matched
only by his love of dentistry, Doc has been running the
Drury Drama Team for fifteen seasons now. He's incredibly
dedicated to the team, especially considering
the fact that he's not paid to run Drama. His talent and
devotion were rewarded a few years ago when he was
inducted into the Educational Theatre Association Hall
of Fame in Washington, D.C.

Names listed in bold are members of the Thespian Society