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musical script version
Annie, the musical
March 27, 28, 29, 2003

Musical Consultant - Don Perkins
Musical Director - Carl Jenkins
Director of Drama Team   Dr Len Radin
Choreographer - Elizabeth Urban
Stage Construction - Keith Davis
Stage Manage - Andi Lescarbeau
Piano - Sarah Marlowe
Annie - Mollie Simon
Miss Hannigan - Sarah Simon
Orphans: Molly - Stephanie Burdick
      Pepper - Lara Pagan
      Duffy - Stephanie Bosley
      July - Abigail Wood
      Kate - Cassandra Barlow
      Tessie - Meagan Hockridge
Bundles - Alcide Bullett
Bertha Healey - Jackie DiGeorges
Apple seller - Cassandra Barlowe
Asst. Dog Catcher - Alcide Bullett
Dog Catcher - Brandon Mancuso
Officer Ward - Bill Dami (Drury alumni)
Fred (Shanty) - Jason LaForest
Artie (Shanty) - Brandon Mancuso
Eddie Boy (Shanty) - Alcide Bullett
Alberta (apple seller) - Cassandra Barlow
Sophie (Shanty) - Staci Downey
Shanty -  Jocelyn Lampiasi
Peggy (Shanty) - Samantha
Ira (Shanty) -Brandon Mancuso
Grace Farrell (Sec).Haylee Jones
Drake (butler) - Alcide Bullett
Cecille (Maid) - Samantha Therrien
Annette (Maid) - Staci Downey
Maid #3- Liz Urban
Maid #4 - Robin Kiwacz
Mrs. Greer (Housekeeper) - Jackie DiGeorges
Mrs. Pugh (Cook) - Jackie DiGeorges
Announcer Voice.- Dr. Len Radin
Walter Winchell On Tape - Don Perkins
Rooster Hannigan -  Peter Simon (Drama Team alumni)
Lilly St. Regis - Staci Downey (Drama Team Alumni)
Bertha Healy - Jackie Digeorges
F.D.R. - Greg Houston
Daddy Warbucks - Jason LaForest -
    Drury Drama Team alumni
Eleanor Roosevelt- Jackie Digregores
Louis Howe - Michael Lively
McCorken  - Brandon Mancuso
Wacky - Brandon Mancuso
Ronnie - Staci Downey
Bonnie - Liz Urban
Connie - Samantha Therrien
Marine - Thomas Ross
Louis Howe - Michael Lively
Servant # 1- Michael Lively
Servant # 2- Thomas Ross
Servant # 3- Charlie Manuel
Servant # 4- Brandon Mancuso

costumes - Sheri Simon
technical assistant - David Simon, Donna Hitchcock

lights - Dr. Radin, Jon King, Ann Scott, Peter Simon

Pit Band
Joan Lavalley-Leary
Christa Melillo

Matt Hockridge
Kara Senecal
Nicole Plante
Mandy Brule
Sarah Willey

Sarah Tourjee
Anna Marie Messenger
Andrew Kalicki

Curt Yannone
Allyson Holmes

Trombone: Zach Socha

Tuba: Liz Wol

Rehearsal Piano: Sarah Marlowe

Percussion: Ahren Tatro


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Dr. Len Radin,
Drama Team Director
Theatre Etiquette Police - A Drama Team short film on theatre etiquette
This film was the winner of the International Thespian Festival 2011 film competition on theatre etiquette.
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