The Children's Hour by Lillian Hellman
November 18 - 20, 1999


PEGGY ROGERS April Pitroff *
CATHERINE Kate Randall
LOIS FISHERAndi Lescarbeau
MRS. MORTARAmelia Wood *
HELEN BURTONNatalie Chikovani
JANET Marissa Parker
LESLIEKim Cornell
KAREN WRIGHTKristin Tatro **
MARTHA DOBIECathy Cooper *
JOSEPH CARDINBrian Rennell *
AGATHAAmber LaGess
AMELIA TILFORDLindsay Dickinson *
AMYShelby Lewis
WILLIESarah Simon
IRISMolly MacGregor
GROCERY GIRLJenna Melanson
PIANO PLAYERKatie-Rose Radin **
SINGERCarmelita Williams
* - Member of International Thespian Society, Troupe # 5135
        (the honor society of educational theatre)
**- Honor member of Thespian Society


Set Design
   and construction Tiger and Ron Waterman 
Stage ManagerAllison Maloney
GraphicsLeon Peters (MCLA)
Set AssistantsAlicia Demo, Kim Cornell  
     Shelby Lewis, Dave and Sherry
Simon, Keith Davis, Doc. Lita
Williams, Pamela Martischnig
Jenna Melanson, Heather Phillips                                                                                  
AttendanceAmber LeGess
House Safety          Ashley Samia    
Lighting Engineer    Caitlin McConnell  *
Costume Mistress    Staci Clark 
Prop GoddessAndi Lescarbeau
Assistant Director         Cathy Cooper  *
Program EditorDr. Len Radin
Program  Assistant Kate Randall
Program PrintingNorman Immerman
Stage Safety ManagerSarah Simon
Drama Room GoddessApril Pitroff  *
BiographerLis Salerno  *
SignBrian Rennell *
PhotographyDr. Darlene Radin
Social DirectorMarissa Parker
Make up ArtistAmelia Wood *
Kristin Tatro **
Poster DistributionLindsay Dickinson  *
Backstage SafetyMolly MacGregor
Stage Crew
Madam PresidentsApril Pitroff *
Lindsay Dickinson *

Communists, Witches and Homosexuals

In 1809 a malicious child accused her women teachers of having "an inordinate affection." The resulting scandal was reported in a chapter entitled "Closed Doors," or "The Great Drumsheugh Case" in a book by William Roughead, published in 1930.
Lillian Hellman, a 26-year-old unknown writer from New Orleans, took this event and wrote the highly acclaimed The Children's Hour. It opened in New York 65 years ago this month and ran for 691 performances.
The play's revival enjoyed success again in the 50s, ironically around the same time that Senator Joseph McCarthy (the malicious child?) of the House Un-American Activities Committee brought charges against Hellman, Arthur Miller and others for associating with Communists. Like Arthur Miller's The Crucible, Ms. Hellmann's play is not so much about Communists, witches, or homosexuals as it is about the damage wrought by slander and a gullible public,  too willing to see the accusation as more important than the accused, too  willing to condemn without proof.

Shelby Lewis:  This outrageous freshman is destined to be a super star.  She's cute, enthusiastic, and very capable.  Her outgoing personality has pushed her into the Drury Drama team, but will it push her all the way?  I'd watch out for this gal, she's on FIRE!     

Ron and Tiger Waterman: All there is to say about these two immensely talented artists isWOW! Ron and Tiger built this year's beautiful set that is probably hiding behind the black curtain at this moment, but have no fear! It soon will be revealed so you can drool and gape, just as we all did, in awe over its detail, realistic design, and just complete awesomeness!!  Thanks a bundle, Ron and Tiger, you did a terrific job!

Amelia Wood: This hilarious sophomore has come a long way since her one-liner in last year's production, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.  In fact, she actually plays a woman this year!  Her darling little giggle and comical sayings make this year's rehearsals for The Children's Hour vastly entertaining.  This chick clearly adds spunk to the team!

Allison Malony: She's our fearless stage manager!  YES, FEARLESS!  This magnificent sophomore is new to the team's productions, but you could hardly notice.  From the very first rehearsal, Allison took her role as our SM with great pride and authority.  She's helped to keep the cast in line and together. Her hard work is greatly appreciated.  This sweetie pie is just simply marvelous!

Caitlin McConnell: Brightening our stage, this rockin' junior shines a whole new light on The Children's Hour as she hides amongst Drury's "haunted" cat walk. Even though you can't see this loveable young lady during the performance, she still plays an important role.  Next time you see a spotlight think of Cait and remember how significant her role in this year's cast is.  Without her, we'd all be left in the dark. 

Sarah Simon:  This frosh is extremely gifted.  Her devotion and hard work brings a positive outlook for the entire team.  Her optimistic attitude shines through her smiling face as she presents her lines with great confidence.  Sarah is a dazzling actress as well as a great sweeper, her tech job being stage safety.  Very spirited about both, it would be interesting to find out whether she will become the school's next drama directoror custodian. 

Kim Cornell: A lot of people like to describe this spunky freshman as "insane."  Her wild and crazy personality allows her to gleam with individuality.  It's not really ironic that she took the role of all boys in her previous plays. However, this year she is changing her style and playing a young schoolgirl.  Check her out folks, she's outstanding!

Ashley Samia: This girl has got variety!  The little frosh has been acting on stage for years!  Finally she is performing on ours!  She can be anything from the role of a heartwarming little girl, to an infuriating pain in the butt!  Do you find it at all surprising that she plans on being a talk show host?! 

Molly MacGregor: When people think of Molly they say, "Oh, what a shy, quiet girl."  Boy, are they ever wrong!!  She may appear calm and bashful at a first impression, but on stageShe's a knockout!!  She'll overwhelm you with her unrestrained talent.  In a previous play she played the role of a slut. Now I ask you, "what shy, quiet girl can actually play the role of a slut?" This frosh is more than what she appears to beit just takes the stage to reveal her inner charisma.

Andi Lescarbeau: This zestful freshman thrives on knowledge.  She's exceptionally smart and an ambitious learner.  Her love of investigating new things led her to her fascination with acting.  Through her chosen characters, Andi discovers what it is like to be something different other than herself.  Exploring new horizons, she broadens her experience, developing a splendid talent. We are happy to have her on our team. 

April Pitroff: The amazing April P!  This kickin' Junior brings a smile to your face every time you see her.  She's everything you can imagine from a Queen in Alice in Wonderland, to a prostitute in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.  Watch for her in this year's, The Children's Hour.  April, you rock our world!

Lis Salerno: Little Lis is without a doubt the BEST senior on the team!  Wait a second. She's the only one!  Well, it has been four years since we first saw Lis up on the Drury high stage as "Betty Paris" in Arthur Miller's The Crucible."  Time just flew by!  Good luck next year,Lis....We'll miss you!!

Cathy Cooper: It's the amazing Cathy Coop! What would the Drama Team be like without her cute little smile and sweet singing voice?  We're lucky we have such a beauty.  This Sophomore is definitely a "keepa!!!!"

Brian Rennell:  Yes, ladies and gents, it's the famous BR!  What would we all do without his daily news, jokes, and absurd comments?  The world may never know! Even with our occasional "Shut up BR!"  We still love him to death and the team just wouldn't be the same without him!

Amber LaGess: What is there to say about our AL?  Well, she's our newest Junior to the the team, but she is definitely not new to the stage! She has been in every musical since her freshman year!  That darling voice just moves us all!  We are so ecstatic that her beautiful face is joining us this year for The Children's Hour.  We love you Ambie Bambi!

Lindsay Dickinson: This supa' Junior has graced our lovely Drury High stage for three years.  She started her Drama debut as a cute little fat boy, Tweedledum with a gender crisis, and then she moved on to better things as an alcoholic doctor.  This year, however, Linds is showing her soft, gentile side as Mrs. Tilford.  Lindsay, you're Awesome, baby!

Kristin Tatro: This junior has got vivacity!!  She plays the part of Karen Wright in this year's production. Kristin is one smart little cookie when it comes to her character. She portrays Karen to a T!  Kristin, as her own identity, which isn't too often during play season because she tends to get locked inside of her character, is a sweet and caring person who adds sensitivity to the team.  You're sweeter than honey, Cutie Pie!

Staci Clark: This soft-spoken sophomore is perfect for her part as Evelyn.  No one on the entire team could play this role better than our cute little Staci does.  Staci is new to the team this year, but she's so skillful that it's hard to notice that she hasn't had much experience with acting.  This girl will make you say "awwwwwwwe," when you see her in her dainty little uniform using her gentle, delicate voice as she tries to stand up to Mary Tilford in The Children's Hour.

Jenna Melanson:  This new member to the team contributed to the final product of this year's set.  Jenna helped paint, build, and lift, organize, and measure this beautiful set to make it what it is today.   She spent so many hours after school and during rehearsals finishing the set. This little lady is hard working and devoted to any job she is required to do.

Kate Randall: This girl has character, not only as being Catherine in The Children's Hour,  but also in her personality.  There is no one quite like Kate.  She has such a sense of responsibility.  I don't think there is another single freshman in this world with the same type of attitude to cooperate, sense of responsibility, or determination that Kate Randall has. This girl beamed with success when we had to sell ads and VIP tickets to raise funds for this play and upcoming events.  She certainly has an idea of the direction she must take to complete what she needs and wants to accomplish and MAN, does she go out there and conquer her tasks and goals!!

Marissa Parker:  This chatterbox is a fun-loving frosh!  She can make you laugh at any given moment with her wit and talkative personality.  Even her character has a tendency to socialize often.  Marissa is the typical social butterfly! This girl has got the craziest personality sometimes, but that is what makes her the Marissa that the team knows and loves.  Don't ever change girlfrien', you are perfect just the way you are!

Debbie Coyne has encouraged and nourished the Drama Team from its very inception. I consider her my friend and mentor. This production is dedicated to her.
               - LPR
It's hard to believe that 3 years have passed since I left the Drury Drama Team. Yet it still remains such a strong part of my life. I entered high school wondering where 'my place' would be and left knowing that I had truly found a family. The team is not just a place to act but a place where students learn about themselves and important issues of out day, as well as a nurturing place that encourages students to grow and explore the wonderful art of theater. After talking to many friends, I know that the Drury Drama Team is one of the finest high school theater programs I have heard of. Above all, the Team inspires students to keep theater in their lives no matter where they may travel in life. It is this gift that makes the Team a lasting influence in its member's lives.
I thank the Team and Doc for giving me the precious gift of theater! Break a leg (or as Beckie Cairns would say, an armpit) to the cast and crew of the Children's Hour.
Kate Bernard - Brandeis University, Theatre Major

Please continue to be the proud, talented actors that we all know and love. Continue to shine with stars, but always remember keep your feet on the ground. Love always, Staci Downey

Wow, I am glad to see that the Drury Drama Team decided to continue on after I graduated!  Like wines and cheeses, it seems like this team just gets better and better with the passing of time.  Really though, congratulations to the actors, techies and most of all to Doc on your successful labor of love.  Live long, live strong, Melissa Eva Dawn St. Pierre
     - Bennington College
This project is supported in part by the Northern Berkshire Cultural Council, a local agency; the Massachusetts Cultural Council, a state agancy; and the National Endowment of the Arts.
This year the Drama Team produced The Diviners by Jim Leonard Jr. Here is our trailer of our production. The video was made by Connor Johnson.
This film was the winner of the International Thespian Festival 2011 film competition on theatre etiquette..