DR0529 HONORS THEATRE For those who just cannot get enough theatre!
This is a full year honors level course

Honors Theatre. The course covers similar subjects as the regular theatre course in greater depth and requires more written and practical work from the student.  The student must maintain a grade of "B" and be capable of independent study in order to remain in Honors Theatre. A lower grade may result in the student being placed in the regular theatre course.

Those students who have earned at least a "90" in theatre arts in the previous academic year or show unusual and exceptional promise may take the Honors Theatre Arts course with permission of Dr. Radin.

Students will be required to do the following:
1.Class members will participate in a major play in November.
2.Every student will complete an honors level technical theatre position. The student will be expected to carry this out showing leadership, creativity, and resourcefulness. It will involve a written report as well as the project itself.
3.Students will attend classes involving exercises, discussion, lecture, homework and tests.
4.Students will be assigned two contrasting monologues and scene work.
5.      Students will critique three plays during the last three marking periods. This will include, in part, material on the author and the theatrical period.
6.      A paper on theatre history will be required. It is due by the end of the third marking period.
7.      Each student will write an original play.
8.      Students will appear in an additional one-act play.
9.      A final exam will complete the year.

Plagiarism will result in failure.

Honors theatre students will be required to purchase these texts:
Audition by Michael Shurtleff
The Craftsmen of Dionysus by Jerome Rockwood

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Theatre Arts at Drury High School:

The Theatre Department and the Theatre Arts courses at Drury High School are a function of The Drury Drama Team. The Team does not receive funding from the school or city for supplies or equipment.

The Drury Drama Team promotes skills and knowledge of theatre arts and encourages personal growth and creative thought in its members through educational theatre. The Team also entertains and educates its audiences with plays of many periods and genres.

DR0519 THEATER ARTS - being serious about comedy and having fun with tragedy
This is a full year, regular level course

Theatre Arts at Drury touches all aspects of acting, theatre history, dramatic criticism and stagecraft, but heavily emphasizes the basics of acting including characterization, intention, movement, given circumstances and conflict. The course includes lecture, projects, monologue and scene work and productions ranging from one act plays to major productions.   Drama Team productions are staged at Drury High School and on the road. We present plays at the International Thespian Festival.
Theatre class will be last period each Monday until 3:30. Students must stay in class until 3:30 if they want to be enrolled in the theatre course. Class does not end when school ends at at 2:20.

Dr. Len Radin founded and taught the course for Twenty-five years at Drury. He directs productions and heads the International Thespian Society's local Thespian Troupe. He was director of the Massachusetts Educational Theatre Association from 1993 - 2005  Dr. Radin was inducted into the EdTA Hall of Fame in the summer of 2000 at ceremonies in Washington DC and the Northest Educational Theatre Association Hall of Fame in 2008. Governor Mitt Romney of Massachusetts presented Dr. Radin the Point of Light Award in September, 2005. He graduated from the University of Massachusetts in Amherst and earned a doctorate degree from Tufts University. He also studied at the University of London (England) and the American Conservatory Theatre in San Francisco. Professional actors and Drama Team alumni are occasionally invited to teach a class at Drury.

Our activities for each season include the following:
1.Class members will participate in a full length play in November.
2.Every student will create a visual project in theatre history.
3.Every student will be assigned a technical theatre position.
4.Students will attend classes involving exercises, discussion, lecture, homework and tests.
6.Each students will present one monologue.
7.      Students will critique one play.
8.      A final exam will complete the year.

Plagiarism will result in failure.

Assessment:  Students are given 40 grades in various aspects of acting for their part in our November production. In addition, there are quizzes, a final, homework and projects.  Attendance and participation will count a lot in final grading. Students must maintain at least a "B" average to continue to be a theatre student at Derry. If a student receives lower than a B in drama in any marking period, they may be dropped from the program. The final grade is weighted as follows: Participation -20%, Assignments -30%, Assessments -40% and homework - 10%

Texts: Students will read Dramatics monthly magazine published by the
Educational Theatre Association

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Theatre Courses at Drury High School
Educational Theatre Association Hall of Fame - 2000
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