Program Booklet for Wizard of Oz

MUNCHKINS B -  Athena Furtado, Erica LaCosse, 
Zoe Elizabeth Lamore, Marisa McNeice,   MaKenzie McNeice, Courtney Rolnick , Allison Therien, Jacklyn Therien, Samantha Field, Jenna Benoni, Lindsey Heating, John Hayer, Brianna Lord,  AJ Bona, Ryan Edmonds              
GLINDA - Haylee Jones
WEST WITCH - A Abby Wood  , B Katharine
WEST WITCH MELTING -  A Nicole Schneider,
B Samantha Andrews 
CROWS - Julie Navom, Kimberly Rose
TREES -  Stephanie Bosley, Kimberly Rose, Julie
OZIANS - Kimberly Rose, Julie Navom, Kailey DeMarsico,
               Ann Scott
GUARD - Lindsay Dickinson
WINKIES -  Scott McNeil, Cathy Cooper, Cassandra Barlow,  Katelyn Luczynski        
JITTERBUGS - Julie Navom, Kimberly Rose, Ann Scott, Cassandra Barlow, Cathy Cooper

Names in bold print are honor members of the
International Thespian Society or the Educational Theatre Association

The Drury Drama Team is
Troupe # 5135 of the
International Thespian Society

Katelyn Therrien, Jake Daugherty, Allexia Andrews, Alison Cellana, Nicole Schneider, Zia O'Neill, Ally Tatro, Megan MaKarthy, Brittany Okeefe, Mathew Waltermire, Emijah Barton, Franklin Diaz, Courtney Cardianal, Ashley Ellis, Danielle Racette        
DOROTHY GAIL A - Samantha Therrien
AUNT EM - Jackie DeGiorgis
UNCLE HENRY - Mike Lively
ZEKE - Keith Bona
HICKORY - Greg Houstin
HUNK - Scott McNeil
TIN WOODMAN - Lauren Skiffington
LION A - Michael Grogan
LION B - Sarah Simon
SCARECROW A - Mollie Simon
SCARECROW B - Charlie Manuel
OZ - George Spelvin
PROFESSOR MARVIL - George Spelvin 
MAYOR - Ross Betti
CORONER - A - Matthew Driscoll   B Samantha Davignon        BARRISTER A Kailey Demarsico B - Mathew Baran       
CITY FATHERS A  - Mickey Crews   Lauren Marceau       
CITY FATHERS B  - Ross Betti    Sarah Underwood         LULLABY LEAGUE A - Alison Andrews, Alison Tassone,
             Emma Shen Arabia,  Anna Arabia, Cori Ghidotti      
LULLABY LEAGUE B - Sarah Norman, Amber Rose
             Arnold, Samantha Andrews,  Katie Therrien       
LOLLIPOP GUILD A - Adam Demarsico, Cody Remillard,
             Dominic Wood, Adam Burdick, Danny Archambeau             
LOLLIPOP GUILD B - John Caususcelli, Jr., Madeline
            Morrill, Domenic Tassone,   Max May, David Senecal        MUNCHKINS A -   Jessica Lesure, Kendra Crockwell,
Our Staff
Cast Party - Mollie Simon
Poster Distribution - Kimberly Rose
Chef - Haylee Jones
Prop Goddess - Lauren Skiffington
Drama Room - Lara Pagan
Publicity - Emma Lewis (includes bios and programs)Munchkin leader - Sarah Simon *
Webmaster - Dr. Len Radin
Flats - Ann Scott
Costumes assistant—Katharine Kennedy
Lights and sound  - Jonathan King, Colleen Senecal,
       Amber Martell
Set assistant - Mike Demarsico
Bold Type indicates membership in the International
Thespian Society or the EdTA, its parent organization.

* = honor member of the International Thespian Society
Director    Dr. Len Radin
Musical Director     Scott Bailey *
Choreographer Liz Urban *
Stage Manager       Don Perkins
Assistant SM  Julie Navom
Technical Assistant Director   Danielle Oakes
Production Assistant Director  Sam Therrien

Set - Charlie Manuel, Ron Waterman, Joel Rudnick,
        Tiger Waterman, Scott McNeil* 
Costumes - Pam Langlois of Hemingway
Make up - Linda Hochheiser, Cassandra Barlow
Consultant - Nate Tatro *

Preview Article for the Drury Drama Team Production of "The Wizard of Oz"
Gail M. Burns, November 2003

The spacious auditorium at Drury High School is slowly but surely being transformed into somewhere over the rainbow, as the Drury Drama Team, supported by a host of others in the community, prepare to present The Wizard of Oz November 21-23. Dr. Len Radin has assembled two full casts, numbering about 30 each, along with an enormous technical team to present this musical extravaganza in 26 scenes which requires ten sets – not to mention twisters, dogs, talking trees, holographic wizards, and much, much more!

Radin is especially pleased to be working with so many Drury alumni, including Musical Director Scott Bailey and Choreographer Liz Urban. “It is wonderful to see my alumni returning to Drury. They have grown into such responsible performing arts professionals. I am impressed with how well they have been able to work with a wide variety of ages and abilities in this production.”

Radin has reached well outside of the Drury student body to assemble his team for this show, turning it in to true community theatre. Munchkins from local elementary schools share the stage with high school students, alums, and seasoned professionals. Bailey is leading a community orchestra that includes many Drury and MCLA musicians.

While the script and music for this version of The Wizard of Oz follows that of the classic 1939 MGM movie closely, Radin finds more inspiration in L. Frank Baum’s original 1900 book The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, and has peppered his program with the book’s original illustrations by W.W. Denslow.

“The book is about a little girl who goes on an adventure,” Radin explained, “While the movie is about an adolescent who has a dream. I am very careful in my production to separate the farmhand characters from the Scarecrow, the Tin Woodsman, and the Cowardly Lion who Dorothy meets in Oz.”

Lyman Frank Baum (1856-1919) was a staunch advocate of the Women’s Sufferage movement in at the turn of the 20th century, and was a friend and ally of Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton in their efforts to get women the vote. While he and his wife Maud had only sons, Baum’s Oz stories are filled with young women who are strong, brave, and adventurous, and who fill leadership roles in Ozian society.

These themes are fascinating to Radin, a father of three daughters, which is no doubt the reason he has mounted productions of The Wizard of Oz twice in the past decade.

Radin is quick to point out that the Drury Drama Team is a completely self-funded organization, earning its keep through program ad sales and ticket sales. “And the community is always tremendously generous,” Radin added, “People freely donate their time, goods and services.”

Thanks to Radin’s efforts participation in the Drama Team earns students academic credit at Drury. Students involved in each production get grades and lengthy evaluations. New to the curriculum this year is an honors course in advanced theatre, of which Radin is very proud.

A visit to a Cast A dress rehearsal on November 15, a week away from opening night, revealed a performance already well on its way to being polished. Energy abounded, especially when the 30-odd Munchkins made their appearance to sing and dance their way through Ding, Dong, the Witch is Dead and Follow the Yellow Brick Road.

Cast A will perform at 7 p.m. on Saturday, November 22 and at 2 p.m. on Sunday, November 23. Cast B performs at 7 p.m. on Friday, November 21 and at 2 p.m. on Saturday, November 22. All performances are held at Drury Senior High School (413-662-3240), 1130 South Church Street (Rt. 8A) in North Adams.

Tickets are $9 for adults and $6 for students and are on sale at Persnickety on Eagle Street and at Papyri Books on Main Street. Get yours now, because this cheerful family entertainment is sure to be popular during these gray November days which feel more like Kansas than Oz!

copyright Gail M. Burns, 2003

Wonderful “Wizard”
From The Transcript, November 27, 2003
         By Bruce Whitney

Wonderful “Wizard”
A big WOW for the Len Radin-produced “Wizard of Oz” show at Drury High School last weekend. “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” has to be on e of the gutsiest songs to pull off on any stage, especially due to the purity of Judy Garland’s signature singing it into our memories. Samantha Therrien as Saturday evening’s Dorothy delivered the lovely tone and rounded notes that truly set the stage early for a fine show. Madcap antics by Michael Grogan (as lion) sometimes made me wonder whether we were watching a play or a cartoon. George Spelvin shocked us in a multimedia presentation of Oz himself in the oval screen. Scott Bailey pulled together a group of musicians who delivered the right sounds at the right times and performed exceptionally well together. Too many more high-lights in players and production to fit in this tiny space – hooray to all. I guess when Dr. Radin and the Drury Drama Team put on a show, we should simply go.